Episode 10

Why You Need Dramatic Demonstration of Proof

Case study time! In this episode, Craig Ballantyne and Bedros Keuilian explain what Drew Canole is doing right with his green juice product, Organifi, then lay out a blueprint for Drew to massively scale his business with free exposure on Facebook and Instagram. It’s called “Dramatic Demonstration of Proof” and you can use it too!

“The only way you can time collapse is through people and money.”

– Bedros Keuilian

Here’s what you’ll discover:
1:21 – Why Dramatic Demonstration of Proof is perfect for Facebook and Instagram.
3:00 – Why you can send out way more content with Live videos than you can with email.
8:54 – Why bad communication is the number 1 factor that neuters a business.
11:54 – Why giving your affiliates the luxury VIP treatment is the most cost-effective way to boost sales.
17:59 – How a great copywriter can help you smash through the noise in your market.

“Poor communication is the number one factor that neuters the growth of a business.”

– Bedros Keuilian


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