The immigrant edge & the American Dream

A true rags to riches story of a self made entrepreneur who escaped communism, came to the United States, ate out of dumpsters and built several multiple million dollar generating global brands and businesses.

Bedros Keuilian is the mastermind behind many of the most successful brands, businesses, thought leaders and best-selling authors throughout multiple industries. Odds are you’ve seen his international franchise Fit Body Boot Camp in your town, or his coaching and consulting clients on hit TV shows featured on ABC, NBC, Spike TV, in popular magazines, & on top of the New York Times Bestseller list.

He’s known as the hidden genius that entrepreneurs turn to when they want to create high level mastermind and coaching programs, quickly scale their businesses and solve their most pressing bottlenecks so that they can start making the quantum leap to massive success.

Bedros is best known for his ability to help his clients quickly establish expert and authority positioning and become the predominant brand in their field and industry. His sales, marketing, mindset and business systems are the secret weapon used by thousands of successful digital marketers, best-selling authors, coaches and entrepreneurs who want to reach more high paying clients and customers without the use of unpredictable or sleazy marketing tactics.

Bedros coaches first-time business owners who want to scale big and 10X their impact and income as well as eight and nine figure generating seasoned entrepreneurs who want to operate at an even higher level by becoming “disciplined entrepreneurs” and destroying upper limiting behaviors that create bottlenecks in growth.

His secret for helping entrepreneurs of all levels achieve massive breakthroughs is in his ability to quickly identify the bottlenecks and gaps in your business and to show you how to have the big personal and entrepreneurial breakthroughs that will lead to massive success.

Bedros teaches, mentors and leads through “in-the-trenches” personal experience. With ownership and equity in several multi million dollar generating businesses in digital marketing, subscription software, franchising, health education and business consulting Bedros believes in coaching through first hand experience, not by theory. He draws all of his coaching knowledge and training from his years of “trial by fire” experience that has enabled him to build his empire.

Bedros Keuilian has been featured and quoted in publications such as Forbes, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Home Business Magazine, The Native Society,, Franchising USA, RadioMD, Active, the Huffington Post,,, Dr. Oz, The Good Life, CBS Small Business, and several international business publications worldwide.

Bedros is a huge believer in “paying it forward” and challenges himself and his clients to pay it forward by donating to Shriners Hospitals for Children and helping out our military veterans by contributing to organizations like the Lone Survivor Foundation, by sponsoring the Patriot Tour, and by providing career support for our veterans through his own companies.

He’s also helped set the record for the largest single donation of toys to Toys For Tots. But none of this is to brag or to impress you, rather it is to inspire you that if a foreigner can climb from the pits of poverty, learn a new language, and build a massive empire – so can you.

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