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In the Absence of Discipline, Motivation is Useless

With over $100,000,000+ in sales across my businesses I usually get asked the same thing…

How have I stayed motivated for so long and how can they stay motivated, too?

My answer usually goes something like this…

The question you should be asking is not how can I stay motivated…

…BUT how can I stay disciplined?

Many times I wake up unmotivated… 

…but I’m disciplined as fuck EVERYDAY and it’s what has made me successful! 

EVERYONE’S motivated to start a business, lose weight, or make a change in their life.

But VERY FEW are disciplined to follow through.

Understand this, the number one determining factor for your success is your ability to do the work and follow through – no matter how you feel.

Success isn’t a result of motivation, but discipline. 

Motivation is the ‘spark’, the initial fuel that gets you going and excited. 

But when reality sets in and it’s time to do the work that ‘spark’ usually dims…REAL QUICK.

Discipline is the constant fuel that keeps the fire going. 

It’s the drive that keeps you focused and moving forward…

EVEN when…

it’s inconvenient…

you had a bad day…

you fail…

And when you keep failing…again…and AGAIN.

Discipline keeps you showing up no matter the circumstances.

What I’m trying to say is your ability to push through when sh!t gets tough can be the difference between failure and success in any area of life.

If you want to succeed at ANYTHING in life you must develop a disciplined routine, positive habits, and skills to create long-term success for yourself. 

The good news is that just like developing muscle discipline can be developed the more you train it.

I’ll be talking about how to develop discipline in my next post.

But for now, if you’re looking to get a head start on the competition and begin developing unwavering discipline so that you can have a killer 2023? Then I highly recommend you join me for the 12 hour Misogi Challenge on January 7th. 

See, you can stay in your comfort zone, or you can do something badass and challenging to blast you into massive success! 

Talk soon,


The Role of a Man Today

I want to share with you a quote I discovered long ago and have never forgotten.

Moms turn babies into boys. Dads turn boys into men. 

From the moment my son was born, I knew that it was my responsibility and mission in life to be a role model for him.

At a young age, I showed him how to be chivalrous like opening doors for my wife Diana. 

Teaching him how to be a protector and watch over his little sister.

And letting him know the importance of giving a firm handshake when meeting someone.

Helping him understand the duties and responsibilities of what it meant to be a man.

Throughout history, it has been the role of men to teach boys to become strong, capable men. 

That is our role as dads, uncles, and older brothers.

In peacetime, a man must be a servant, providing for and protecting his family. 

In wartime, he must be a savage warrior, standing in the gap between his family and danger. 

Today these rites of passage are all but non-existent – part of the reason why I created the Squire Program

And over the past two decades, masculinity has been villainized…

The media, schools, and government have tried to neuter men.  

The media is trying to tell us how to act. 

 The schools are trying to tell us how to feel. 

And the government is trying to tell us what we can and can’t do. 

They are painting us to be toxic and forcing the narrative that men should be soft, weak, and docile.

But now we are starting to see this narrative questioned and we’re seeing a reawakening of masculinity – AND IT’S F#CKING BEAUTIFUL!

The opposition doesn’t want to see us take back our manhood because they know we are the only thing standing between them and absolute power.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping men reawaken their masculinity by finding their purpose and meaning in life through the Modern Day Knight Project

So that they can show up as the father, husband, mentor, and servant leader they know deep down their meant to be.

As men it’s our responsibility and our duty to be confident, capable, courageous, and always prepared.

So that we can raise and mentor the next generation of confident young men and future leaders.

After seeing hundreds of men go through the Modern Day Knight Project I can tell you now more than ever we must be purpose driven men.

Men who are strong enough to speak our minds.  

Men who are brave enough to stand in the gap and face those looking to silence us.  

Men who are proud enough to stand up for what they believe in. 

Men who are called to be servant leaders for their families and communities.

This is the role of a man today – not just in America, but all over the world!

Much love,


What the Notorious BIG taught me about money

One of the most influential rappers of all time taught me this…

“Mo Money Mo Problems”

And over the last two decades of building multiple successful 7 & 8-figure businesses and brands, I’ve learned this…

When it comes to having ‘Mo Problems’…

I’d rather have first world problems than third world problems.

I come from a childhood of third world problems where we frequently ran out of money before we ran out of month.

Because of this I always wondered if we would have hot water or electricity when I got home from school. 

From experience I can tell you I’d rather have the first world problem of figuring out how to generate more cash flow for one of my businesses…

…instead of worrying about my family being on the streets next month.

Look – money won’t solve all your problems.

But I can tell you that it sure is easier to find solutions to your problems when you have money.

That’s why I give away the 26.2 Challenge for free for anyone looking to developing unwavering discipline and unshakable confidence. 

So that they can lay the foundation to earn more money and step out of a third world mindset to focus on first world solutions.

Look, with the crazy levels of inflation we’re all battling and this nasty recession that we’re going into, it’s best for you to know how to make more money, increase profits and generate more income streams.

Whether it’s finding a mentor, hiring a business coach, or getting involved in a mastermind. 

It is more important now more than ever to create a game plan for your life and business and develop an unbreakable mindset. 

So that when ‘Mo Problems’ come up…

Whether it be through a recession, depression, stock market crashes, or lockdowns…

You have the discipline, skills, and knowledge to come out financially on top.

Talk soon,


how to build a life of purpose and impact

I recently flew out to North Carolina to host the Squire Program, a father and son experience that transforms young boys into men.

Over 50 kick@ss fathers came out to provide a rite of passage into manhood for their bad@ss sons. 

Creating a greater bond and a memory that will last a lifetime between them.

In every Squire Program class, the fathers leave more empowered in communicating with their boys. 

While the sons leave understanding how to carry themselves as a truly masculine man. Attaining more confidence, understanding personal responsibility, building resilience, and developing a no-quit mentality,

After seeing the fathers and sons leave as better men and leaders, I wanted to share 3 important lessons you can easily apply to your life and business.

Whether you’re a father or not I know these lessons will help you build a life of purpose and impact. 

Let’s jump into it!

Lesson #1: Develop your core values and make them non-negotiable

At the Squire Program, we teach the importance of establishing core values and holding yourself accountable to them by creating non-negotiables.

Non-negotiables create confidence and confidence helps build a higher reputation for yourself. 

One of my biggest non-negotiables is my morning routine, which starts by not hitting the snooze button. By hitting the snooze button – you’re breaking the promise to yourself of waking up at a specific time.

Now I don’t care if you wake up at 3:00 AM or 8:00 AM – I care about the promises you make to yourself.

The little promises we break to ourselves and others lead to eroding our confidence and our trust. 

When you create your core values and make them non-negotiable I guarantee you’ll be more confident and productive that day.

When you win the day, sooner or later you will win the week, which leads to winning the month, which leads to winning the year. Until you eventually find yourself stacked with so many W’s because you’re living a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Lesson #2: The number one determining factor to a man’s success is who he picks as a spouse

One of the wealthiest men in the world, Warren Buffett, says the most important decision had nothing to do with investments but with choosing who he married.

I’ve been married for over 20 years and I can tell you that I would not be where I am today without the support of my wife.

A good wife will help her husband live his purpose. A good husband will help his wife live her purpose. You both act as a force multiplier, working towards the same goal and using your strengths to support one another build the life you want.

In life, you don’t get to choose your parents, your siblings, or your children. But you do get to choose your wife, so choose wisely.

Lesson #3: Do not live life as a “lone wolf” – find your tribe and grow together.

The problem is most men suffer in silence because they romanticize the lone wolf mentality.

They believe that only they can fulfill their needs and accomplish their vision.

The hard reality is lone wolves go through life alone, feel like no one has their back, and trust no one because they believe that everyone is out for themselves.

If you want to succeed in business and life, you have to have a pack.

For thousands of years, men hunted and lived in tribes with men they could depend on and trust. 

At our core, you and I are tribal and need a tribe of good men that provide support, willpower, and drive. 

Calling you out on your bullsh!t when needed and encouraging you to be a better man.

Find your tribe and grow together – and if you don’t have one check out the brotherhood we’ve built at the MDK Project.

These are just a few of the lessons from the Squire Program you can use take to level up and change the way you think.

Much love,


P.S. If you’re a dad, uncle, or father figure, and want to help the young man in your life attain more confidence, build resilience, and develop a no-quit mentality, you should get signed up for the next Squire Class. Spots usually sell out fast, so click here to find the next available class and submit your application.