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Bedros Keuilian’s Morning Routine For Success

I changed my morning routine up in a big way and it’s really been working even better for me, so I wanted to share it with you guys here. 


I’ve shared my OG morning success routine in my book Man Up


I’d wake up at 5:30 AM and drink my 30 ounces of water, shower, then send out my three gratitude text messages and then get into GSD mode for about 3 hours. 


GSD mode is Get Shit Done mode. 


This is when I open up my laptop and knock out my emails, blog posts, social media posts and write copy.


Then at around 9:30 I’d head to the gym for my workout and then into HQ after that to serve my team.


BUT NOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED and I’m even more productive. 


So I still wake up at 5:30 AM and then drink my 30 ounces of water, shower, then send out my three gratitude text messages. 


Then instead of sitting down and going into GSD mode… I mix up a glass of Trulean Wellness Shot, drink it down, and then I head to the gym. 


So these days I’m working out earlier in the morning and then I go into HQ and go into GSD mode once I get there. 


I’ve found that exercising first thing in the morning really helps with my morning stress levels. This is something I figured out about myself in 2020 when the whole COVID thing started. 


About a month into the lockdowns I instinctively started working out first thing in the morning and that put me into a better creative place to do my morning work. So I stuck with it. 


Sometimes change is good. For me, this was one of those times. 


BTW, I was telling you about the TruLean Wellness Shot that I mix up and drink every morning before going to the gym.


During the whole COVID quarantine I set out to create the highest quality and most potent immunity boosting supplement ever. 


Truth be told, everything out on the market is trash. For example, they’ll have 1,000mg of Vitamin C and add sugar to it which competes for the same receptor site as Vitamin C does. 


Or you’ll find something that has Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc but the dosage is weak and it’s also sweetened with artificial sweeteners. TRASH! 


So I set out to create the best, highest quality product with 9 proven ingredients and vitamins, all properly dosed and naturally sweetened with stevia and monk fruit.


If you want to try a box of TruLean Wellness Shots click here and you’ll get a big discount. 


Talk soon, 



What You Can Learn From a 65 Year Old Broke Old Man

True story, when my family and I escaped the Soviet Union and came to the United States, one of the first “American foods” we ate was KFC. 


Back then it was called Kentucky Fried Chicken… and I’m sure it’s still finger lickin good! LOL 


Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC was forced to close down his first business and retire. 


Since the business didn’t do so well, he wasn’t sitting on a pile of money when he retired. BIG PROBLEM. 


He did have a pension, and that would have been fine, but he only got a measly $105 a month from it. Even back than that was NOT a lot of money. 


That’s why Colonel Sanders, at 65-years-old came out of retirement to start Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). 


It didn’t become the national franchise that you and I know today. At least not overnight. 


In fact, for the first few years he drove around in his car selling chicken. Not the most sophisticated business plan, but it worked. 


That’s not the only thing he did in that car. 


When he wasn’t selling chicken, he was sleeping.


This was his daily grind. 


He’d wake up, sell chicken, and then go back to sleep.


Yet, with everything against him, especially his old age, he never gave up.

The dude just kept selling chicken. 


Soon he opened up his first KFC restaurant. 


Then he franchised it, giving others the opportunity to go into business with him.


And after 12 years of working on his dream and perfecting the secret recipe, KFC is known for…


…Colonel Sanders sold KFC for $2 million.


Now, this may seem like chump change in terms of today’s economy. But $2 million in 1964 is equivalent to $16,876,258.06 today. 


That’s stupid rich! 


If he was alive today, he’d be one of the wealthiest dudes on the planet, and on the cover of every business magazine.


The moral of the story: Never give up!


But there are more lessons in this story… 


  1. Pay your dues.
  2. It takes at least a decade to build a big brand. 

(Look what I was able to do with Fit Body Boot Camp in a decade)

  1. It’s never too late. Not even if you’re 65 years old. 


Listen, whatever your goals are in business I can tell you this. It’s going to be harder than you think and it’s going to take longer than you think. 


That’s the cost we all must pay for success and financial freedom. 


Talk soon,




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The #1 Business Leadership Lesson I’ve Learned

Let’s be honest, being in business is freakin hard!

That said, entrepreneurship is without a doubt one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life. 

And as hard as it is, it’s also given me and my family amazing freedom and opportunities… 

…but damn, it ain’t easy. 

And I know you know that. 

In my experience, the most important part of being in business is leadership. 

Leadership is always the problem. Leadership is always the solution. 

For me, leadership was NOT factory installed. I had to learn it, the s-l-o-w way. 

Thankfully many of my friends and clients are former military, specifically from special operations groups… so I’ve had great examples of leadership around me to learn from. 

To gain special insight into how they lead others from the front, run smooth operations, and execute missions under skull-crushing pressure has been a gift for me – and I want to share it with you. 

Listen, business is like war.

You need:

  • Better info than your competitors.
  • Quickly use that info to make a plan of attack.
  • Execute that plan of attack.
  • And then reevaluate and attack again. 

This is why I surround myself with these calibers of men. 

Here’s one powerful leadership lesson you can apply to your life today:

Before you develop others, you must start by developing yourself.

In other words, if you want people to change, change yourself first.

I wish I learned this lesson years ago because it would have made my life easier.

I would have started bettering myself before asking my employees to change. 

See that’s the thing about leadership. 

Poor leaders are hypocritical… they want and expect change from others, but they don’t have the same level of expectation for changing themselves. 

Don’t ever be that dumbass! 

If you want your life, business, and family to change for the better, start by changing yourself first. 

It starts and ends with YOU, the leader.

This is the BIGGEST takeaway I’ve learned from surrounding myself with Navy Seals, combat hardened Marines, and other Special Operations Veterans who have led in battle and in life. 

It’s all a battle and it all comes down to your level of leadership. 

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

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How to Achieve Your Goals In Life

I used to always wonder what it took to become rich and successful.

Being an immigrant and all I’ve always had a hang-up with money and never being able to make enough of it.

And growing up broke and living in Section 8 housing made me want to become a millionaire… so that’s where my search for the “secret” began.

Since then I’ve been blessed to reach my money goals…

…and these days my achievement goals are to build businesses that create opportunities for driven people who want to level up in any category of life.

So here’s what I know about the science of achievement:

In order for you to achieve the next level of growth, success or transformation you’ve got to put in enough effort to create the necessary change.

The best example I can give you is how boiling water turns into steam…

Water turns to steam at 212 degrees. Not 211 degrees. If it’s at 211 degrees you’ll just have boiling water.

In order for water to transform to steam (air), you only need to raise the temperature by 1 degree.

This 1-degree is the difference between water being used for tea or to powering a nuclear power plant.

Just one degree of change.

So why should you care about this 1 degree? 


That one degree transforms water to steam at a molecular level.

If you ever face adversity, you must transform yourself to overcome them in order to get to the next level. 

And for you to transform you must put in that extra degree of effort.

See, that’s what most people don’t realize about success and achievement… it’s not like you have to work 10X harder than everyone else.

Change and transformation happens when you increase your effort over time just by one more degree.

Going from 211 degrees to 212 degrees is what building transforms what into steam.

That extra degree can help you…

– Start that new side hustle.

– Graduate from The Project.

– Quit your 9-5 and go into business for yourself.

– Go from making 6-figures to 7-figures a year.

– Finally lose weight and get back into shape.

So with that being said, if you want that next level of achievement and transformation in your life, just remember that all it takes is putting in that little bit of extra effort over time.

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

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