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2 Types Of Men 1 BIG Difference

There are two types of men in the world.

A pleasure-driven man is out of shape, in a mental funk, and suffers in silence.

This type of man lives in a cycle of misery. That’s fueled by states of anxiety, depression, and stress.

And instead of answering their call to greatness, they silence this call with porn, drugs, procrastination, and food.

They know they’re meant for more. Yet with this knowledge, they don’t step outside of their comfort zone to get what they deserve in life. 

So instead of getting what they deserve, a pleasure-driven man thinks and talks about what they “could have done.” 

They talk about the “old days” when they were doing things, but something happened. 

Like a leg injury that stopped them from going pro. Or the scaling-to-the-moon business idea that never took off because of the economy.

This is a pleasure-driven man.

Then there’s the other type of man.

A purpose-driven man.

This type of man is focused, wants more from life, and will face any obstacle head-on to achieve his goals.

He knows he deserves more and answers his call to greatness.

He’s a protector, provider, and savage servant.

A purpose-driven man is a man of discipline that dominates his life while being a servant leader to others.

I tell you this because I want you to understand the difference and figure out what type of man you are.

If you are courageous enough to admit, you’re a pleasure-driven man, my hats off to you.

It takes a special kind of man to admit this.

I was a pleasure-driven man through my 20s and early 30s. I used to ignore my calls to greatness. Instead of answering my calls, I used to hide from them in a Barnes & Noble parking lot.

Fast forward to now, I never miss a call.

One of the calls I got is to help transform pleasure-driven men into purpose-driven men.

This is why I created the Modern Day Knight Project. A 75-hour personal development experience that transforms men to be purpose-driven servant leaders.

Click here to apply to the MDK Project in November 2020. This will be our final class of the year, and after 2021, the price will go up.

A person’s life can be turned around with just one decision: to become purpose-driven instead of being a pleasure-driven man. 

Which type of man do you want to be?

It’s time to take control. 

You deserve more than you’re getting right now, and you can get what you want in life. 

The first step is recognizing that there are two types of men out there and then deciding which type of man you want to be.


To your success,


The #1 Business Mistake Entrepreneurs Make

Imagine a sport where winning means having to lose at first. 

Crazy right? A sport where the only way you can win is to first lose. 

You’re probably asking WTF kind of sport is that? 

It’s the game of entrepreneurship. It’s a losing game for winners. 

Let me explain… 

When we start out as entrepreneurs we overestimate how easily success will come and we underestimate how long it’ll really take. 

This is the #1 business mistake that entrepreneurs make.

Are you tracking me so far? 

And then you’ll lose more money, more time, and more peace of mind than you bargained for.

More losing. 

This it’s why so many entrepreneurs fail. 

They underestimate how much time, effort, and work it will take to be successful.

They put in work for a year, fail, and then give up, not realizing that entrepreneurialism is the ONLY game where losing (several times) is required in order to win. 

But like I said a moment ago, this game is for winners, and what do winners do?

They never give up.

Because they never give up, they eventually discover the formula for success.

Here’s the formula:

– Fail 

– Start over

– Try again

– Ask for help 

– Be different 

– Find a better way

– Try again

– Don’t give up

The successful entrepreneurs you see today executed this formula for 5-10 years.

This means to be successful, you have to pay your dues for 5-10 years for the chance to reap the rewards of success.

This also means entrepreneurship is a long-term game that can’t be won with one year worth of work.

The social media gurus will never tell you that, but I’m here to tell you the truth, not to be your best friend. 

So if things aren’t going your way after 1-year, don’t give up.

Push forward. Fail forward. Ask for help. Keep trying. 


The cost of success demands this from us. 

To your success,

Bedros Keuilian 

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If You Want to Win In Business, Focus On Quality

Do you care about the quality of your product or service?

I know the obvious answer is YES, but I’m going to challenge you today to see if quality actually matters to you.

I realized something about a decade ago that is literally the kiss of death for most businesses.

See, I coach and consult a LOT of entrepreneurs across a bunch of different industries so I get to see this big mistake that business owners are making all the time.

With my coaching clients this is the first thing I fix so that they can get on track to faster growth and even bigger profitability.

Because without profitability and business is not serving its purpose.


99% of business owners don’t focus on the quality of their product or service.

Think about it and be brutally honest with yourself for a moment. Is your product or service quality?

You might answer YES and say that it’s just as good as the competitors.

My challenge to you is this:

Is that good enough?

If you’re not known as the top provider of the product or service that you sell then you’re not focused on quality enough…

…and this is why you find yourself always marketing to get new leads and customers.

And you find yourself always competing on price against the other guys.

See, when the quality of your product or service does not stand head and shoulders above all the competitors then you become a commodity where people will shop you based on price and convenience versus quality.

Listen, the last thing you want to do is compete on price. NO ONE HAS EVER WON THE RACE TO THE BOTTOM.

If you want to build a business that crushes then go back to the drawing board and focus on quality.

Quality in every step of the process.

Quality is the sales process.

Quality is the support.

Quality of the product or service.

Quality on every level.

The kind of quality that makes the customer fall back in their chair and want to share your product and business with others.

When you become the known ‘thing” with the highest quality in product, service, support and sales then you DOMINATE the space.

Two such brands that deliver quality from the buying experience to the product being received and used are TruLean Supplements and Few Will Hunt apparel.

TruLean is my supplement brand.

Sure, I could have “white labeled” some popular supplement line and sold it. That would have been easier, but it would not have improved the quality.

So we formulated TruLean from the ground up with whey from grass fed cows, no hormones, nothing genetically modified and no artificial sweeteners.

Everything we put into TruLean products are natural and clean.


Then we focused on the flavor profile of our supplements. It had to be delicious and tasty.

After 31 attempts we nailed the flavor profiles.


Finally we wanted the customer buying experience to be quality so we spent a ton of time and effort in making our site easy and intuitive to navigate and we made delivery fast and convenient.


That’s how you stand out, get raving reviews, build a tribe like following and grow super fast!

That’s the point of this message…

The market space is crowded and if you want to stand out and grow then you’ve got to focus on quality on every level!

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

PS. Check out TruLean if you use supplements and want the highest quality and best tasting product on the market. And check out Few Will Hunt if you believe in the idea that hard work trumps all. It’s a brand I’ve recently fallen in love with and wear all the time.

Owner’s Manual Not Included

I wish I was a smartphone.

Why? Because I’d have a damn owner’s manual to turn to when I spazz out. And it’d be super easy for me to change my settings whenever I wanted to.

Yet, I’m not a smartphone, I’m a human being.

This means I don’t have an owner’s manual.

We both don’t have one.

And we can’t change our “settings” to operate the way we want to with a few taps of your fingertips.

By “settings”, I mean, our mindset, habits, and routines.

In order to change these, we need to achieve self-mastery.

But that’s easier said than done.

Self-mastery requires you to put in work.

I’m not talking about the kind that you can put your feet up to relax.

I’m talking about the kind of work that will cause you to…

  • Deal with your emotional traumas
  • Overcome self-sabotaging mental blocks
  • And physically break your body down to rebuild a new and improved one.

This type of work leads to self-mastery.

Self-mastery gives you admin access to your “settings” that control your emotions, actions, thoughts, and feelings.

The more self-mastery you develop, the better equipped and more confident you’ll be to discover your purpose. 

Self-mastery gives you admin access to your innermost being where you can discover how you want to live life best. 

It also allows you the space to explore who it is that deserves your focus and attention; at work or home, with friends or family – anyone or anything else!

To your success,


Bedros Keuilian

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Dissolve Anxiety By Doing THIS

“I’m dying… this is how I go”

That’s all that was running through my mind when I thought I was having a heart attack at 38 years old.

Luckily, I didn’t have a heart attack. I later found out that it was the first of many anxiety attacks to come… which was a blessing in disguise.

This anxiety attack sent me on a 16 month long journey into fixing and dealing with my stress and anxiety with my therapist, Kevin.

For 16-months, Kevin helped me change the way I look at anxiety and the much deeper traumatic issues that I left unprocessed for decades that really lead me to that fateful day of having my first anxiety attack. 

This new perspective helped me manhandle my anxiety and take back control of my life.

Kevin showed me:

  • Anxiety is anticipation of future pain. 
  • Action elevates anxiety. 
  • HALT (when you’re Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired you’re much more likely to get triggered and have another anxiety attack.) 

Taking action is the most important part about gaining back control of your life and living your purpose.

The only way you can give anxiety a “chill pill” is by taking action.

And procrastinating on that conversation, that thing, or whatever it is is what’s causing your anxiety.

The more you procrastinate, the more your anxiety builds up. 

When anxiety builds up it begins to show up as depression, moodiness and just an overall sense of being funky. 

I struggled with all of it. 

It’s kinda like shaking a soda can. The more you shake it, the more the pressure builds up, and when you open the lid, it explodes.

The same thing happens with your anxiety. The more your anxiety builds up, the higher your chances will be to have an anxiety attack, go into depression and feel funky. 

And the only way to relieve this pressure is to start taking action.

Deal with your past traumas. 

Heal and let go. 

Process through the pain and come out whole on the other side. 

Like I said a moment ago, anxiety is worrying about future pain, and to get rid of the pain, you must take action.

But the DEEPER cause of anxiety and depression for most people (myself included) is the unresolved trauma and the healing that comes when you finally resolve it. 

That was the game changer for me. 

It wasn’t easy. 

It wasn’t fun. 

But it was absolutely worth it to heal, to become whole, to be right with my family and to stop sabotaging my success and happiness. 

I appreciate you for allowing me to get a little vulnerable here. I hope you decide to do the self-work, too. 

If you’re suffering in silence and white knuckling through life then I’d like to help you heal, thrive and get dialed in on your life’s purpose and passion by extending an invitation to experience the Modern Day Knight Project. 

It will be the scariest thing you’ve ever done, but it will also be the single biggest launch to personal success, happiness, fulfillment in both business and in your personal life. 

Click Here to Apply for the MDK Project. 

Talk soon,



3 Tactics That Make You Unfuckwithable

Hate uncertainty?

Don’t become an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship operates on 100% uncertainty.

When you’re starting out, you don’t know what will fail or succeed.

This is why nearly 50% of businesses fail within the first 5 years.

After 20+ years of being in the game, I know one thing is for certain, you’ll face adversity as an entrepreneur.

It’s a part of the course, yet not a lot of people are ready for it.

In fact, no one is, until you face it.

So to help you dominate your path, and become unf*ckwithable when you’re facing adversity use these 3 “adversity-busting” tactics:

Tactic #1: Master Your Emotions

If you don’t master your emotions, they will become your master. When we’re punched in the face with adversity, our emotions will rise. It’s natural for this to happen because our primitive brain gets turned on. Which means we go into “fight or flight” mode.

And let’s face it, when this happens we’re not thinking long-term. We’re thinking, “How can we make this stop now?” And that’s when we make dumb decisions that can impact our lives for the years to come.

So how do you master your emotions with a primitive brain? Take a step back, and evaluate the situation objectively. Like a human.

There’s a reason why humans run the world, and monkeys are in zoos. Think like a human, and if there’s adversity, look at it objectively and go from there. 

Tactic #2: Be Positive Realist

There’s a huge difference between being positive and a positive realist. 

Positive realists, have a positive attitude but can see the reality they’re in. They’ve taken into account that sh*t has hit the fan, yet don’t freak out, and choose to be optimistic. 

Being positive alone, won’t get you far. If you’re only positive, you’ll become delusional about what’s really going on. And when you realize your delusion isn’t reality, it can crush your spirit.

I’m all for being positive. There’s nothing wrong with it, but be realistic with your positivity when facing adversity.

Tactic #3: Don’t Quit

This is the hardest part because when you’re facing adversity, your brain will look for an easy way to get out of pain.

It’s how our brains are programmed. It’s how we survived as cavemen.

Not quitting is practical advice to follow, yet not many listen to it.

And it’s the reason why they say the journey to the top gets lonely. It’s lonely because so many people quit along the way and the people who didn’t are left alone at the top of the mountain.

Use these 3 tactics to dominate your path, and become unf*ckwithable in the face of adversity.

Practice using these tactics daily, and you’ll notice the difference. You:

  • Be unfazed, adaptable and flexible when new challenges arise.
  • Have others ask you how you’re able to cool like a cucumber under so much pressure.
  • Stay laser-focused on your goals.

And these are just a few things that will happen in your life when you use these 3 tactics to overcome adversity.

To your success,


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How To Kill Your Inner Bitch

Every man has a little b!tch within. 

That little b!tch is the inner voice that tells you to take the easy path, and to hit the snooze button, and to procrastinate on everything. 

It’s that little voice that you negotiate with and give into. 

That little b!tch within is why most men suffer in silence and struggle in their health, fitness, mindset, relationships and in business. 

So how do you kill your inner b!tch? 

By becoming a Servant Leader.

By developing discipline. 

By establishing core values and sticking to them. 

By choosing purpose over pleasure. 

Or you can keep letting that little b!tch within take control of your life… 

– Living in fear with a scarcity mindset.

– Procrastinating on your goals.

– Self-sabotaging your success.

– Never taking ownership of your mistakes.

– Being in a constant negative and toxic state of mind.

Having the “service mindset” transforms scarcity into abundance.


You go from being selfish to selfless.

You see, the root of “little b!tch” behavior is selfishness—nothing else.

This is why finger-pointers, procrastinators, and self-sabotagers are always miserable. They only think about themselves instead of others.

By being a  Disciplined Servant Leader you’re no longer focused on yourself. You’re focused on being of service to others.

This simple shift acted as a nuclear bomb to your “little b!tch” behavior.

Here’s an example.

Nearly a decade ago, when I was on the verge of filing bankruptcy with Fit Body Boot Camp, I had a mass exodus of team members.

They had finally had enough of my “little b!tch” behavior.

If anything went wrong, I would blame them for everything and anything. It didn’t matter what it was as long as the finger of blame got pointed at someone else besides me.

This mass exodus was a huge wake-up call.

Because I was so scared to lose more team members, I started asking myself, “ ‘What can I do for them?” instead of “What can they do for me?”

By asking myself this breakthrough question, I saw that I needed to communicate better, spend more time working on their skills, and leading by example.

This acted like a nuclear bomb to my “little b!tch” behavior… and… it helped me become a selfless leader.

Because of this nuclear bomb, my team members saw that I truly cared about them.

This then caused them to show up earlier, work harder, and feel more fulfilled at work.

IMPORTANT: Servant leadership is a daily practice that requires you to show up every day in the most disciplined way. 

When you become a Servant Leader, you stop living in fear with a scarcity mindset and procrastinating on your goals. Instead, you take ownership of your mistakes and always strive for success… even when it means going against what others want or expect from you. 

You go from being selfish to selfless because servant leaders are driven by serving others’ needs before their own stupid and selfish desires. 

This will give you an abundance mindset that leads to happiness while those who live in fear have only misery as their reward.

BTW, the last Modern Day Knight Project class for 2021 takes place in November. The cost to do the MDK Project will go up in 2022 so if you’ve been wanting to do it, now is the time. 

Talk soon,



How I Stopped Hating My Life

Being successful and having the freedom to live life on your own terms is simple.

I’ll show you how you can do it in just a moment, but first I need to tell you something.

Before I built 7 multi-million dollar companies…

Before I released my Wall Street Journal Best Selling Book, Man Up…

And before I was the voice for Small Business Owners across America…

I hated my life.

I hated the way I felt about myself, how much I was making, and what I looked like in the mirror.

Flash forward to now.

I love how I feel, the impact I’m making, and how I look without a shirt on.

Plus, I live my life on my own terms.

I do what I want when I want.

So what caused this change?

My habits.

To go from being a failure to massive success, I had to shift my habits.

You see, your habits are what you do without thinking every day. That means your habits become your character. Your character determines your future. 

For me, I started by changing my habit of hitting the snooze button in the morning and started waking up before the sun.

I changed my habit of neglecting my personal growth and started reading self-help books and working on myself on a daily basis.

I changed my habit of being selfish to over-delivering in my services and going the extra mile that my competitors weren’t willing to do. 

Habits like these strengthened and structured my life and helped me be a better leader, be a role model to my kids, and make an even bigger impact.

My habits ultimately gave me the freedom to live life on my own terms.

And you can do the same thing too.

All you need to do is start with your habits.

Now here’s the thing I absolutely love about changing your habits, it’s FREE.

It won’t cost you a dime to change your habits. But the impact it has on how much money you make and how much freedom you have is exponential.  


Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian


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The News, NBA Finals, or Conor Mcgregor Will Never Help You With THIS

I don’t watch the news.

Although you have seen me on the news several times in the past 18 months talking about what’s happening with small businesses. 

I try to stay away from it, as much as possible.

Why? Because the majority of the news you see today is fear-based propaganda pushing someone else’s agenda.

There’s always something about a murder, political event, or natural disaster.

What I’m about to say next will rub some people the wrong way.

I don’t care about any of that stuff.

It doesn’t matter.

Sure, some of the stuff you see or hear on the news is unfortunate. Yet, it doesn’t affect my course of action and my mission to help millions of people reach their fullest potential in business and in life.

The NBA Finals won’t determine the sales we make, the lives we touch, and the quality of life we live. 

The next Conor McGregor fight isn’t going to stop me from helping people live healthier lives.

And if you’re starting your business or have one, you shouldn’t care about this stuff too.

In fact, it’s the last thing you need to be focusing on.

What you should be focusing on are the three C’s:

  1. Control what you can 
  2. Cope with what you can’t control
  3. Concentrate on what counts

When you make the 3 C’s your own and learn how to control what you can, cope with what you can’t control, and concentrate on what truly counts.

By focusing on these 3 things, you’ll implement resiliency and ensure your success over the long run.

Remember: The news acts like a rotating door. Nothing sticks around for more than 2-weeks. But you know what can stick for a lifetime if you focus on it, your business, life, and impact.


Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian


PS. If you’re in business and are wanting to compress your decades into dys, and get 3 years worth of growth in 6 months, results that WILL stick around, than go and see if my Domination Year Coaching Program is for you. Im looking for people making Six and Seven Figures with the capacity to double even 10 fold your business, and ill give you all the systems and structures that I use in my businesses that have gone from Zero to 7 figures in as little as 14 months.


How to Always Be “On” As A Higher Performer

As the founder and CEO of multiple companies, my team members rely on me to make quick and concise decisions. It’s not because I’m impatient. It’s because each decision I make carries a ton of weight.

Each decision I make has a ripple effect. Each one affects my family, my team members, and their families.

Maybe you’re in the same boat.

To be the best CEO and entrepreneur you need to think and decide like a high performer. Even though we’re high performers, we’re still human.

It doesn’t matter how many hours of sleep we get a day. We will get tired after working 8 hours or more. And your body and mind isn’t the only thing that gets tired.

Your “decision muscle” gets tired too. Like any muscle, if you use it too much, it will begin to fatigue and not work the same as it used to when you first started.

To boost my “decision muscle” performance levels to get stronger and better, I’d use coffee, Adderall, or pre-workout to help.

Sometimes I’ve used all 3 to help me stay sharp and energized throughout the day.

These worked for me when I was in my 20s and early 30s. But as I got older and with my companies expanding, these enhancers quickly became a crutch.

Here’s what I mean..

Coffee, adrenal, and pre-workout used to help me feel sharp, on point, and energized throughout the day. But it came at a cost:

  • My anxiety shot through the roof.
  • My skin would crawl.
  • My eyes would shake.
  • I’d be wired all day and through the night.
  • And I couldn’t sleep.

I’ve seen CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other high performers go in this as well. And to help them calm down, and finally, sleep they would then take Vicodin, Xanax, etc.

And then, in the morning, they would repeat the “upper” and “downer” loop.

I’ve seen and experienced this loop on repeat for years first-hand. It can easily lead to burnout.

Here’s the thing about the “upper” and “downer” loop.

The longer you’re on this loop, the weaker and more flaccid your “decision muscle” gets. Kinda just like how an arm looks after being in a cast for 8-weeks.

Plus, let’s not forget the harmful side effects of prescription uppers, like Adderall:

  • Hypertension
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite suppression
  • Overdose
  • Sudden cardiac death
  • Stroke
  • Headache

Look, I don’t want to have my life cut short to perform better. There’s still more for me to do.

I still need to be the father my kids need and the husband, my wife, needs me to be.

With this in mind, I created a performance booster that gives you all-day sustained energy… and… focus you need to reach your full potential… without any cancer-causing ingredients, no fillers, or artificial BS.

It’s called Everyday Energy.

High performers made Everyday Energy for high performers.

What is Everyday Energy?

Everyday Energy is the formula to give you clear focus, enhance brain power and give you explosive energy to dominate your day and finish your to-do list.

Each serving has 125mg of all-natural caffeine, vitamins, and minerals that deliver a smooth, calm focus without any jitters.

How Does Everyday Energy Work?

It’s crafted with a powerful blend of nootropics* and is the perfect way to stay alert without the harmful caffeine crash you might expect from a sugary energy drink or cup of coffee.

Take a look at what’s inside Everyday Energy:

L-Citrulline Malate

Increases the oxygen deliverability to the body during athletic performance. It kinda acts like 1-day shipping for oxygen. Having more oxygen delivered to the body faster means you can recover more quickly, increases your stamina and brainpower.


Helps regenerate neurotransmitters in the brain. This is super important because it helps keep the brain younger longer and is used to help treat neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Protects the brain against cognitive decline and mood-related changes when under high amounts of stress. This is perfect for the times we’re living in today. It also helps in improving your memory while decreasing brain fog.

Alpha Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline

Enhances cognitive performance, verbal and visual memory, and verbal learning. This means you’ll be able to recall information quicker, speak better, and solve problems faster.

There are 10 more all-natural ingredients inside Everyday Energy to boost your energy levels, focus, and brainpower.

Who is Everyday Energy For?

Are you struggling with any of these?:

  • Brain fog
  • Lack of motivation
  • Feeling sleepy during the day
  • Difficulty performing and completing daily tasks
  • Reduced energy and stamina
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating

If you’ve struggled with more than two of the things listed above, then Everyday Energy is for you.

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Do great things friends,