Author: Nathan Alvarez

The Legacy of a Man

In the Project, we have an evolution called “the dash”.

This evolution involves digging yourself a shallow grave in an undisclosed area by the Chino State Prison at two o’clock in the morning…

…and then getting into a body bag that’s placed in that grave, zipping it closed and listening to me give your eulogy.

Now, the eulogy I give is a brutally honest one that highlights your shortcomings, false starts, and the lies you’ve told yourself and others throughout your life.

After some time of reflection, we unzip the body bags and let you out.

Then we spend the next hour or so journaling what you experienced in the body bag and then we go into a writing session where you write your final eulogy… in other words how you plan to live your life from this day forward.

As you might imagine this is a VERY powerful experience and the men who have gone through it have literally changed and leveled up in all four major areas of life: faith, family, fitness, and finances.

I want to do an exercise with you right now.

If you have a son this might speak to you…

Imagine getting the email below from your son when you’re in your 50’s.


Hey dad, I’m in a bad place right now and need to tell you what’s on my heart…

I see the people I follow on social media as Father Figures instead of you.

They’ve taught me things I wish YOU taught me.

I wish you taught me how to be a man.

I don’t know how to be one.

I’m lost, and I don’t know what to do about it.

I feel so insecure around other men.

I feel like a fraud.

I wish you taught me that I don’t need others’ approval.

I can’t do anything without seeking validation from others.

I base my self-worth on the validation they give me. And it’s not a lot.

I wish you taught me about women.

My dating life is in the gutter.

Because I’m not confident, I’m Mr. Nice Guy.

I’m always a friend, and I don’t know how to get out of the friendzone.

And I don’t know how to treat women properly. I wish you took the time to show me this, or I wouldn’t always feel alone.

I wish you taught me to fight and to defend myself.

If you had, then maybe I wouldn’t have all these passive-aggressive energies where I feel like I’m constantly exploding inside all while trying to maintain cool composure.

I don’t want to get into fights. But I know if I got into one I don’t know how to defend myself or anyone I’m with.

I suppose what I’m really asking for dad is that I wish you taught me how to be confident.

I wish you taught me how important my health is.

I’m embarrassed to take my shirt off. I’m overweight, and I eat out all the time.

I don’t know how to eat healthily.

My relationship with food is horrible. I use it to cope with my emotions.

I’m ashamed of the way I look because of my man boobs and gut.

I know I’m not healthy, but I don’t know what else to do. Sometimes I feel like I do this to punish myself… or really, maybe you.

Dad, I wish you would have taught me these things.

Your Son


If you’re a man and this speaks to you then you might want to go here and learn more about the Project.

Nothing changes until something changes.

How To Hire Great Employees

I was guilty of this and it was ruining my business and it’s probably doing the same for yours, too.

The stupidest thing we can do as entrepreneurs is to hire employees based on their skills and resume.


It was only a decade after going into business that I learned the secret to hiring employees.

Check to see if they have light behind their eyes.

I’ll explain what I mean in a second because this will help make your impact and bank account bigger. A LOT BIGGER.

I often get asked this question: What’s the quickest way to replace the cropdusters employees I have with fighter jets quality team members?

This is a great question, and it took me nearly a decade to figure out the Fighter Jet Team Building Formula.

This formula is very simple in actuality.

Because of this formula, I’m able to run 7 businesses, keep my sanity, fitness, and time freedom all in order.

Here it is:

Find people who have light behind their eyes, develop them, and keep investing in their personal and professional growth.

You can’t teach someone to have the light behind their eyes.


A person with confidence.

A person with urgency.

A person who can make and keep eye contact.

A person with enthusiasm.

A person who can hold a comfortable conversation.

A person with agency.

Look, a resume is going to tell you about their education and work history. It’s even going to tell you about their skill sets.

What a resume is NOT going to tell you is if this person can problem-solve through a difficult challenge.

Or if they have attention to detail.

Or if they are strong communicators.

Or if they have emotional resilience and mental toughness.

Or if they’re willing to learn new things and adjust to change.

All these things are far more valuable to a growing organization than their education, work history, and skillsets.

You give me someone with light behind their eyes and I’ll teach them the skills and abilities to get the job done and get it done right.

And this light can be for accounting, sales, copywriting, human resources, videography, web development, marketing, and even leadership positions.

It doesn’t matter what it is, but if you can find someone who has the light behind their eyes, hire them, and develop them.

You can’t develop the light, but if they have the light you can develop their skills and mindset.

With your team being full of fighter jets, you can make more money while working less and while making a bigger impact on the world.

Use the Fighter Jet Team Building Formula and let me know how it transforms your life and business.

Talk soon,


PS. In my book Man Up, I teach you how to transform yourself and your team into peak performers. In fact, I dedicate two chapters to building a high-performance team. Get your free copy of Man Up Here and start building a better team.

Profits and Productivity

If you’re an entrepreneur and if you’re really driven to succeed then you know that these two things matter a LOT in our world.

Profits and productivity.

Profits give you the lifestyle that you want, pay for your team of employees, and allow you to donate to the causes and charities that you believe in.

Productivity helps you get the most out of life and your day to day goals.

So here’s a list of 10 things I do to increase profits and productivity in my business and life.

1) Market and sell like a pro. Not enough people focus on dialing in their marketing and sales skills at the highest level.

2) Build a great team that can help you multiply your efforts and time collapse success.

3) Dial-in your leadership so that you’re clear on your vision, goals, communication, and day to day actions.

4) Exercise your body, eat clean, and avoid sugar and alcohol and read a few pages of personal development books daily.

5) Get consistent sleep, stay well hydrated, and use supplements like this to avoid getting sick.

6) Have a strong morning routine that sets you up to win your day.

7) Don’t over-consume social media. It’s a massive time waster and killer of productivity.

8) Create multiple income streams in your space and solve other problems that your customers have.

9) Don’t waste time doing work that you can pay someone else $20/hour to do it for you. Focus your energy on the high-level work that ONLY you can do and delegate everything else.

10) Treat yourself like an athlete. Your “sport” is your business so train to be the best at it. Keep your body lean, your diet clean, your mind sharp and your immune system healthy.

Here’s what I drink twice a day to avoid getting sick so that I can be massively productive.

Talk soon,


Happiness Is An Inside Job

I thought I had reached the pinnacle of happiness owning the car I’ve been dreaming of owning since I was a teenager, but in reality, I still felt empty inside.

Like most people today, they think material things will make them happy. And I’m going to tell you how to be happy even if you live in a cardboard box.

Not that I want you to live in a cardboard box.

Prepare to write this down.

Your happiness shouldn’t be tied to how much money you make, or what you own. Your happiness should be tied to how grateful you feel on the daily…

…because happiness is an inside job.

Let me explain why being grateful will make you happy.

Gratitude is the most powerful emotion because it rewires your brain to be happier and more optimistic.

Even Harvard University recognizes how powerful it is. They say gratitude helps people feel more positive, improve their health, deal with adversity, sleep better, build strong relationships, and improve their appearance.

Notice how Harvard didn’t say driving a nice car, owning a mansion, or having a 7-figure business would make you happy.

Listen, all those possessions are great and I want that for you and more… However, I know plenty of people who have the money and stuff, and they’re miserable.

To rewire your brain to be happier, use my 2 min morning routine:

1. Think of 3 people you’re grateful for.
2. Send a text saying you’re grateful for them.


This daily 2-min routine will restructure your brain to be happier and more optimistic.

And when you do that you will enjoy the life you have now… And you’ll enjoy the millions of dollars you’ll have in the future.

Talk soon,


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Losers Exposed

Dude, why are so many people losers?

I don’t get it.

I feel like this COVID thing really exposed the number of losers around us… the quitters, the doubters, and those who only do well when things are going their way.


I knew they were out there, but I wasn’t expecting this much.

The outbreak is exposing them more and more.

This may sound harsh, but I don’t beat around the bush and the reason I’m bringing this up is to start a VERY important conversation.

I asked my Navy SEAL friend Ray Care the same question, and this is what he said to me that sent chills down my spine.

“You don’t rise to the occasion … you sink to the level of your training.”

Read that again and then write it down.

Ray is speaking the TRUTH.

If you haven’t trained yourself to deal with serious adversity…

If you haven’t put yourself through hardship…

If you haven’t gotten comfortable in being uncomfortable for long stretches then times like now are wreaking havoc on you!

This is why you must do hard things… and stop b!tching about the struggle.

The struggle is a gift.

It’s our training for even harder things to come.

It’s preparing you for when sh!t really hits the fan.

Doing hard things and struggling separates the winners from the losers.

And listen, if you think reading about doing hard things…. and reading about grit and discipline is going to make you hard, you’re going to be in for a BIG surprise when things get hard.

ONLY doing hard things will make you hard and bulletproof when things really hit the fan in the coming months.

Losers are soft (in mind, body, and inaction).

Winners on the other hand intentionally do hard things in order to keep their mind and body hard.

Winner’s don’t hit snooze.

Winner’s put themselves in uncomfortable situations.

Winner’s stay disciplined.

Winner’s work on their leadership.

Winners train hard and go the extra mile.

And that’s why winners win!

Look, I want you to win in business and in life. Down below are two ways you can do that and I can help you.

Talk soon,


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The Best Advice I Can Give You

Want some good advice?

Stop trying to get good advice.

Let me explain…

If you’re out there trying to get good advice so that you can make better decisions and become more successful in life – STOP!

You don’t need more good advice right now.

What you need to do is to unlearn all the bad advice you’ve gotten over the years.

Go to college.

Save your money.

It takes money to make money.

Follow your heart.

It’s not your fault.

Take your time.

Get a good job.

Maybe it was your mom or dad who gave you bad advice.

Or maybe it was your school teachers who didn’t know any better so they passed along shit advice to you.

Look, I have no doubt that whoever gave you this bad advice had the best of intentions.

But the reality is that they didn’t know any better so they gave you advice that is actually detrimental to your success.

See, most people are out there are trying to add good advice to a list of bad ones that have formed their beliefs.

Before you go out there looking for good advice that will change your life, first take time to destroy all the bad advice you’ve gotten.

Otherwise, none of the good advice will work if they conflict with the bad advice that you subconsciously believe to be true.

That’s the best piece of advice I can give you…

Unlearn all the bad advice you’ve gotten before trying to install good advice into that beautiful brain of yours.

In the Project, we teach the candidates to unfuck themselves and then show them how to install new success habits and belief systems.

Try it.


How to Find a Great Business Mentor

First a short story about a famous NBA player, Allen Iverson who almost ended up missing his calling…

…and the mentor who saved his life.

There was a brawl that happened in high school that got Allen Iverson convicted for a year and sent college coaches running for the hills.

No coach wanted anything to do with Iverson!

Not John Thompson though. He gave Allen a chance, which then propelled him to the NBA Hall of Fame.

Coach Thompson saw the ONE thing in Allen Iverson that all coaches missed.

That’s what a good mentor has… outside eyes.

I share this with you because we must never forget the people who brought you up and believed in us when we didn’t believe in ourselves.

This is why I’m always saying thank you to my father for risking his life and bringing us to the United States.

And I’m always thanking my first mentor, Jim Franco for showing and guiding me on my path to entrepreneurship.

They helped lay down the foundation for me to build on, so I can become the man and entrepreneur I am today.

And for that, I’m massively grateful.

If you have anyone in your life who has helped bring you up as Coach John Thompson did for Allen Iverson or my father, and Jim Franco did for me, please thank them today.

Before I sign off for the day remember this: Never down the man who taught you how to swim.

Also, I’ve been blessed with the ability to thrive in business for many many years. And I want to help you grow your business and increase profits EVEN in these crazy times.

I’m looking for two new private coaching clients who are already generating $250K or more a year and want to grow their business to 7 figures and beyond. Apply here:

Talk soon,



I should first confess. I was a loser.

I’d easily give in to thoughts and emotions that were detrimental to my personal and professional growth.

The hardest thing I ever did was to accept the fact that I was sub-par in my thinking and therefore needed a check-up from the neck up!

That’s when I decided to avoid these 3 things because they were destroying my success… and probably yours, too.

1. Stop Focusing On Gossip And B.S. Conversations

These are not worth your time or energy. The people who start these pointless talks are the closest thing to real-life vampires. They suck you dry of your time, creativity, and energy, that you can apply to your business.

If you have to deal with these B.S. conversations and Gossip Queens, simply walk away. They’re not doing anything for you.

2. Stop Focusing On What You Don’t Have

Doing this puts you on a first-class ticket to imposter syndrome. All this will do is rob you blind of your happiness.

Let’s face it there will always be someone better looking than you, has a hotter spouse, or makes more money. Don’t focus on this because if you do, it gives you a scarcity mindset.

And you’ll never be happy because once you have the same thing the other person has, there will be another person with something better. And then you’ll be chasing after that, thinking it’s the missing piece that will make you whole. It won’t.

What makes you whole is focusing on how great you have it.

3. Stop Focusing On The News

The news is like poison for the mind. It seeps into your mind and fills it with fear, and negativity. Don’t forget the news is a business and fear sells.

This means they will keep pushing out fear to keep the lights on and to control the masses. If you want to be optimistic, positive, and abundant, you can’t be listening to the news.

Not focusing on these things must become rules to live by. Because if you don’t listen to what I’m saying…

These 3 things will make you feel like a loser and act like nuclear suicide bombers to your success in all of life and business.

Talk soon,


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Entrepreneurs and Addiction

In my 20+ years as an entrepreneur, I’ve seen porn, alcohol, drugs, infidelity, and overeating, destroy men and their empires.

Here’s the facts about driven men who become entrepreneurs…

  • We have addictive personalities (that’s what drives us)
  • When we’re stressed or overwhelmed we don’t talk about it
  • We tend to suffer in silence
  • If we don’t check ourselves we end up medicating with addictions

I’ve seen one person lose his $60 million fortune because of vices.

This doesn’t only affect multi-millionaires.

These vices are also affecting the entrepreneurs who slide in my DMs asking for help because they can’t seem to gain any ”traction.”

They point the finger at everything else for their failures but…

They never point at themselves.

They don’t point it at the vices sabotaging their success.

Some of these vices are out in the open. And some are hidden as skeletons in the closet.

Conquering these vices and addictions is simple:

  1. Be more disciplined.
  2. Have better habits and routines
  3. Have core values that lead your life
  4. Be a better leader of self and others
  5. Be willing to ask for help

These 5 things cost you nothing.

They’re within your control.

The same way how your attitude, and the time you wake up is within your control.

Use these 5 vice destroying tips to level up in your business, marriage, fitness and in life!

Talk soon,


PS. I want to help you in two ways…

  1. If you have a business that’s generating over $500K a year and you want me to mentor you to take it to multiple 7 figures and beyond this might be for you.
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3 Business Lessons From Charli The Dog

My daughter sold me and the wife on getting her a new puppy – a king Charles cavalier spaniel.

The name alone should tell you that it was NOT cheap.

Chloe named her Charli… it took a few weeks for her to grow on me, but she did.

Make no mistake about it though, Cookie, my 85-pound Mastiff/Shepherd mix is my #1 and so that’s that!

But in a short time, we’ve had Charli, I’ve learned 3 important lessons you can easily apply to your business and life to achieve big leaps of growth.

These lessons can help you if you’re just starting a business or have a big business and team.

Here they are:

Patience Is A Virtue

This puppy isn’t Einstein. It’s taking a bit longer than expected to train her. For as tiny as she is this dog can pee and poop like no one’s business. We’re using a lot of patience with her training right now.

The same thing applies to your business goals. You want your business to reach a certain point, at a specific time, but it doesn’t happen. Things come up and delay your plans. For example, Covid-19. Be patient and keep doing the work.

Leadership Is The Problem And The Solution

There are no bad dogs or bad team members. There are only bad leaders. If you’re having problems in your life and business, before you point the finger, start by pointing it at yourself and see where you can level up in leadership. It’s usually in one of these 3 areas…

  • Communication
  • Vision
  • Training

Discipline Creates Freedom

If you don’t have the discipline to create the structure for a puppy, they will become one of those dogs that you see on the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan – chewing everything up and attacking everyone who comes to your home.

Discipline is non-negotiable for dogs. You need to do the same thing for yourself, too.

Establishing good habits and routines allows you to have the discipline that gives you freedom. Not just the freedom from work, but from stress.

Use these 3 lessons from Charli, and watch how much of a difference this makes in your life and business.


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