Author: Nathan Alvarez

How To Have Difficult Conversations

The quality of your life is based on how many difficult conversations you are willing to have.

The less you have, the harder your life will be.

You can run and hide from them… but they’re going to catch up and show up in your life.

Difficult conversations are a “necessary evil” if you have any interest at all in reaching a higher level of performance in life.

I know this on a personal level. I used to run away from difficult conversations.

I’m telling you this because I wish someone told me that I was running away from my future success and self-development. 

I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did.

So let me give you 6 tips to handle difficult conversations like a pro so that you can grow from them.

  1. Ask for feedback. Find someone who you trust and respect and ask them for direct and brutally honest feedback. And when you get this feedback, just listen. Don’t wait to defend yourself, just listen. Some of my greatest growth has come by asking others to have a difficult conversation with me.

Now, when it’s your turn to have a difficult conversation with someone, use these tips…

  1. Plan Ahead

DON’T EVER wing a difficult conversation. It will get messy and nasty really fast. To avoid this, you need to come prepared. Think ahead about what the other person will say, ask, or react.

Going in prepared helps you stay in control and even-tempered throughout the conversation.

  1. Be Direct

Cut the B.S. and get to the point. This is not the time to flatter them or beat around the bush.

I used to think I could do this and let them down easy, but it made things worse.

The person you’re having this conversation with would rather you be blunt.

They usually know feedback is about to come their way, so be respectful and be direct.

  1. Give Specific Feedback 

Be crystal clear with your feedback. Being abstract and vague makes it harder for people to get better.

If you’re able to clearly give a specific example of what went wrong and what they can do to get better – that’s going to help them a LOT.

This shows the person you’re talking to that you care about them. It also shows what they need to fix.

  1. Be Empathetic 

Your delivery needs to be stoic, but you need to be empathetic.

Some people are not used to confrontation or feedback, so hearing it from you can be a punch in the gut.

Let them digest and process what you said.

And let them know that what you’re delivering isn’t to belittle them, but to help them be better, so they can succeed.

  1. Ask for clarifying questions

9 out of 10 times after a difficult conversation there will be questions. Let them ask. In fact encourage by asking: “Do you have any clarifying questions that you want to ask?”

So be prepared to give clear cut answers.

There you have it…

In life, we need people to give us brutally honest feedback and we need to give others the same.

Difficult conversations are the seed of growth in all areas of life.

Most people will avoid them at all costs, which is why they will also live lives of mediocrity and regret.

But those of us who lean into difficult conversations will continue to grow, evolve, and reach our fullest potential.

Talk soon,


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How to Sell More Stuff

I’m on Tinder.

…however it’s NOT me. It’s not MY account.

Someone stole pictures from my IG and was using my pictures under a different name to get swiped right on Tinder. Lol!

Luckily one of my followers on IG told me this and we got the account taken down.

But there’s a huge lesson in this for you if you want to build a really successful business.

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter what you sell. If you want to sell a lot of it then you’ll need a loyal cult-like following of people to buy your product or service, right?

You’ll need the kind of people who KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you.

The real secret to creating a cult-like following is to develop that deep level of KLT factor.

Without people knowing you, liking you, and trusting you, no one will buy from you. It’s that simple.

If you don’t have the KLT factor, it doesn’t matter how awesome your product or service is, it’s never going to scale.

Are you starting to see why you need the KLT factor now?


Here are the best ways to bulk up your KLT factor so that you can have a loyal cult-like following who will buy your stuff and tell others about how awesome your business is…

  • Be vulnerable in your content. Be the REAL you
  • Give value by sharing “how-to” content
  • Be consistent with your email marketing, ads, and social media posts
  • Show proof. Use tons of customer testimonials, case studies, before and after pictures

Vulnerability is the white-hot knife that cuts through people’s walls that they put up to protect themselves.

It shows the world that you’re an authentic person.

Too many “influencers” got it twisted.

They think that they need to be “perfect” to build a following, but that has the opposite effect.

It makes them unrelatable. And if your followers can’t relate to you, they can build a deep connection with who you are and what you do.

If you want to build a deep connection with your followers, show your imperfections.

This is why I talk about my family escaping communism, my childhood, and all my failures.

I share this stuff because it’s real.

It’s relatable.

And most importantly, it builds the know, like, and trust factor with my audience.

But don’t stop there…

Give people results in advance. Share “how-to” content.

And then show them that your product or service is the best in class by putting out a ton of social proof, testimonials, and before and after pictures.

That’s how you build the Know, Like, and Trust factor. And when you do, making money becomes a whole lot easier.

Talk soon,


PS. If you want to see how this works on a website, go to this page where you’ll a bunch of social proof from famous people that you recognize.

4 Ways to Plan Out a Successful Business Year

I wanted to share this with you since I’ve been doing it for 15 years now.

I always do these four things to set my goals and intentions at the start of every year to get me on track for a better year than the one before.

I call them my four New Year Pillars.

These 4 pillars will help you make your bank account fatter, live better, and impact bigger.

Pillar #1: Get Crystal Clear On What You Want

Without knowing what you want, you won’t know where to go.

And to be a great leader, you need to know where to go. Or it will be the blind leading the blind.

Your business goals can be anything. Like:

  • Working 10 hours less a week.
  • Hiring new employees.
  • Or simply, making more cash.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is, but if you want to build an empire and an awesome life, you must know what you want, and when you want it.

Once you get crystal clear on your 2021 goals then I want you to write them down and read them daily first thing in the morning.

Pillar #2: Share your goals with your team

Too many entrepreneurs screw this part up.

They keep their vision and goals to themselves and expect their team to read their minds. (I used to do this. And it’s why I struggled for so many years.)

Building an empire is impossible to do alone, which is why you must share your goals and vision with your team.

As the captain of your ship, your crew must know where they’re going and what they need to do. And if you don’t have a team or employees yet, share your goals with your family and friends who support you.

Them knowing where the business is headed and what to do to get there, allows your entire team to move TOGETHER with a purpose.

And if someone doesn’t do their part and tries to take you off course, get them off your ship ASAP.

Remember to fire fast, hire slow.

Pillar #3: Set your KPIs

KPIs are short for Key Performance Indicators. In other words, the numbers you need to hit in order to accomplish your goals.

You can’t grow what isn’t measured.

Establishing your KPIs allows you to see if you’re behind, on track, or ahead of schedule.

Here’s the most important part about your KPIs, they need to be tracked every day. 

This is exactly how I grew Fit Body Boot Camp into an international fitness franchise in just a few years.

Knowing what your KPIs are every day gives you the ability to pivot quickly and scale faster.

So after you’re crystal clear on what you want, you’ve shared it with your team and figured out your KPIs, you can go to the final pillar of Empire Goal-Setting.

Pillar #4: Stay Committed

Motivation is B.S. it comes and goes like the waves hitting a cliffside.

Commitment is the cliff that stays put and doesn’t crumble after the waves come and go.

This fourth pillar will make or break your 2021 goals.

Why? Because something will go wrong and knock you on your back, you’ll get back on your feet.

I can’t tell you how many things went wrong while building Fit Body Boot Camp. But my goal is to help hundreds of thousands of people every day so I just took my punches and got back up.

You see, if you relied on motivation, you will give up after the first knockdown. But if you’re committed to the process, and don’t give up, you’ll reach your final destination.

Use these 4 pillars of Empire Goal-Setting to dominate your path in 2021.


After the B.S. the government and this COVID crapola has put us through, it’s our time to shine.

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To your 2021 success,


How to Get Punched In The Face and Still Keep Going

Have you ever been punched in the face by a professional MMA fighter?

I have. And it sucks.

I don’t want you to fall to the ground as I did after getting punched by a Professional MMA Fighter.

It’s embarrassing to tell you this, but I didn’t get punched that hard… and I fell to the ground.

In fact, the guy who punched me was pulling his punches, which means he was barely trying.

See, I had hired a professional MMA fighter to put me through a six-week challenge to learn MMA fighting. This guy was a pro.

And when he punched me during our first sparring match I fell to the ground.

The reason I fell to the ground is that I wasn’t used to getting punched in the face.

In fact, my MMA coach told me these words that stuck with me forever: Just because you get punched in the face doesn’t mean you have to fall down. 

And when you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll get punched in the face a lot. More than you can count.

This happens to new entrepreneurs often…

The punch can come by way of an economic crisis, or increased competition, or a virus… but when it comes they’ll fall right to the ground.

After 20+ years in the game, and building seven companies I’ve learned how to bounce back after getting punched. Yet this only happens when you expand your comfort zone.

In other words when you get comfortable being uncomfortable.

You see, when you condition yourself to be comfortable being uncomfortable, the next time that you get punched in the face, you won’t fall to the ground.

That’s the secret to growth in any area of life.

It doesn’t matter if it’s business, fitness or your relationships. The more you step out of your comfort zone the better the experience will be.

The more you’ll win.

And I want to see you win more in 2021.

Talk soon,


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How to Make More Money in 2021

Money can’t buy happiness…

…but it sure can solve the problem of not having enough money.

And that’s a really good problem to solve.

Here are 5 ways you can make more in 2021.

First off, understand that your success will never exceed your level of leadership.

So let’s start there…

  1. Ask “What can I learn from this?”

This is the most important question you can ask yourself when sh*t hits the fan.

Don’t make the same mistake many entrepreneurs make of playing the victim. That won’t get you any closer to finding the solution to your problems.

Things happen to us for a reason, and it’s a leader’s duty to figure out what you can learn from it. This is why you must ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?”

And if what you learn is that you must become a better leader… so be it. Own it and level up.

  1. Tolerate Imperfection 

The only way you can grow your business is to take imperfect action. And the only way you can do that is with speed.

Success loves speed.

Money loves speed.

Success doesn’t wait around for the perfect plan or for things to be “just right”.

Opportunities don’t wait. You have to capitalize on them before someone else does. So you must execute imperfect plans with imperfect actions quickly and then course-correct as you go.

  1. Create more than you consume

I’ve noticed a pattern in success. The most successful people I know are the creators of content.

On the other hand, those who left money on the table did a lot more consuming of content.

Here are the facts. Creators will always earn more than consumers.

If you want to maximize your success and money-making potential then create more content and get your product or service in front of your future customers.

  1. Differentiate and Stand Out

If you’re competing with others in your industry then you have to change what they charge just to stay competitive.

How will you stand out if you’re just like the rest of them?

How can you charge more if they think you’re the same as all the rest?

If you want to create a “category of one” for yourself then you best start differentiating.

What makes your product different?

How does it deliver better or faster results?

Is it easier to use?

Then you better prove it and be all about it. It’s the only way you’re going to differentiate and stand out.

  1. Get Feedback 

Feedback tells us how you’re doing, and what to do to course correct.

The best way to get feedback is with a mentor. They’ll show you the path, point out your weak points, and help you create an action plan to adjust and succeed.

It’s called “outside eyes”.

You need a set of outside eyes on your business so that you can see around corners and scale your business faster.

I grew Fit Body Boot Camp into an international franchise by asking for feedback from mentors who I trust.

I want to help you scale to 7 figures.

If your business is generated 6 figures in 2020 and if you’re ready to think bigger and make bold moves in 2021 then you might be a good fit for my 12 Month Domination Mentorship Program.

Talk soon,


No One Is Going To Do The Work For You

If you want a lean, athletic body that turns heads, you can’t skip the sets and reps in the gym. 

That’s a pretty obvious one, right? 

The same thing applies to business… However, for most business owners, that’s not so obvious. 

If you want to change your family’s financial bloodline and have a business that gives you financial freedom and impact, you can’t skip the sets and reps required to succeed.

What I mean by this, is that you have to put in the work.

You can have the best damn plan in the world, but no one is going to do the work for you. 

My favorite thing about the gym is that it easily translates to business.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from the gym is how to get to where you want faster without wasting time and getting frustrated.

Look, I used to be a fat kid all the way throughout high school

When I wanted to stop being fat, I worked with a fitness expert to show me how to train in the gym and how to prep meals in the kitchen.

This allowed me to time collapse how long it took to get and stay fit. 

Hire a pro.

Learn the secrets. 

Get the results.

Stop spinning your wheels and wasting time. 

I apply this same way of thinking with my businesses, too. 

During my “come up” as an entrepreneur I worked with a slew of mentors, business coaches, copywriting experts and marketers so I can get better at my craft. 

I’d find someone who has the type of lifestyle and income I want, and I’d hire them so that they could show me what to do and what pitfalls to avoid.

In other words, I find people to help me get results faster… because success leaves clues. 

A personal trainer and a mentor can do a lot of things for you, except for one thing. The work

No one can do that for you, but YOU.

Talk soon, 


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The Rules Of The Game

At the bottom of all my emails, I have what I call “The Rules Of The Game”.

For me, these are the non-negotiable rules that I will always lean into in order to reach my fullest potential in everything I do.

In this post, I want to share these rules with you in greater detail so that you understand why these rules are there and how they help me… AND HOW THEY CAN HELP YOU, TOO.

I suggest that you create your own rules as well, or adopt mine.

Rule 1: Choose purpose over pleasure.

This is a sign of a disciplined person. The poorly disciplined will choose pleasure and ease over purpose and duty. I can’t tell you how many people I know who say they want a successful business and financial freedom but waste time screen sucking on social media or Netflix.

Choose hard over easy and you’ll have an easy and awesome life. But it takes personal discipline to do the hard things when the easy things are so easily accessible.

Rule 2: Action alleviates anxiety.

This ties in with number one above. Most people who experience anxiety do so because they avoid doing the work or having a tough conversation, or what have you. Anxiety is the anticipation of future pain. And the only thing that cures anxiety is action.

Rule 3: How you do anything is how you do everything.

You know this to be true. If you can’t keep your car clean then your home is probably a mess, too. And if your car and home are a mass then so is your workspace, mindset, fitness, and bank account. How you do anything is how you do everything.

Rule 4: Never negotiate with your inner bitch.

How many of your goals, dreams, and ambitions have you negotiated away? Inside all of us is an inner bitch and a beast. Who you do give the power to when it’s time to make decisions or act? Choose beast over inner bitch.

Rule 5: Winners are not allergic to hard work.

Do you know why winners always win? Because they’re not allergic to hard work. Winners do the work. Winners put in the time. Winners don’t stop when things get hard. Winners find a way because they’ll do what’s required.

Talk soon,


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What To Do When You Lose Motivation

At any moment, I was going to throw up!

My lungs were on fire.

Picking up my legs felt as if they were cement blocks.

“Do I quit? Do I fake a hamstring injury? People would sympathize. Or do I finish this damn marathon?”

I’m not a runner. I’m 6 foot and 220lbs of awesome muscle.

What the F#&c am I doing running a marathon?

I hit the wall. HARD!

The 18-mile wall that every runner faces when running a marathon. And it was blocking my path to the finish line.

After 6-weeks of training, I entered my first marathon to challenge myself. And boy did I.

I was facing my biggest challenge yet.

The moment of, “Do I quit, or do I finish?” was about to be the defining moment that would dictate my life. Would I become a failure or a success?

I share this with you because entrepreneurs face “the wall” all the time in business.

The wall can be a lawsuit, economic recession, or a new competitor.

Right now, our wall is the coronavirus and the stupidity that is the government.

And it’s blocking our path to the mountain top—the mountain top of success. Many business owners don’t ever reach the top because of one reason: 

They’re not comfortable with the pain. They pump the brakes and stop short.

You see, pain and adversity cause you to grow – if you fight through it and don’t quit.

It helps you get the breakthrough you’re looking for.

Lean into the adversity.

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but trust me on this…

Attack it!

And that’s when the breakthrough will come.

This is how I defeated the 18-mile wall in my marathon race.

I leaned into it… and then finished the marathon.

Right now, we’re facing the wall together.

COVID-19, the lockdowns, and the government mandates are the wall we must overcome.

It’s caused a lot of pain, and we need to lean into it, attack it, and push through.

If not for any other reason than to show your kids (if you have any) that you are not a quitter.

Speaking of kids… If you have a son who’s 13-15 years old please take a moment to learn about the Squire Program. It’s a rite of passage experience into manhood that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Talk soon,


3 Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs

I get messages from people every day asking questions about how to have the right mindset, make more sales, etc.

These questions normally sound like “How do I ‘X’ so I can ‘Y’?”

You can replace “X” with:

  • Be more productive 
  • Make a 7-figure income 
  • Quit my 9-5 job
  • Stop eating junk food
  • Get in better shape

And “Y” is usually the outcome people want like:

  • To get more done in the day so I can make it home for dinner
  • Provide for my family 
  • Break out the rat race 
  • Have a 6-pack
  • Have better health and more energy

I share this with you because you’re about to discover 3 simple ways to get whatever you want out of life.

  1. Turn Off Notifications

Some of the most brilliant minds on the planet are working day and night to control you. They do this with your phone and the apps on it.

Every little thing on the apps you have on your phone is designed to suck you into their attention-draining black hole and to take you off track from your goals.

What’s their bait? Notifications.

Notifications are used to pull you back onto these apps.

The main goal of these apps is to keep you there as long as possible because that’s how they make their money.

This is how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other companies keep you glued to the screen like sheep.

You’re not a sheep. You’re far from that.

You want to be a leader who makes their own path, right? 

So then for you to dominate your path, you need to turn off notifications.

Doing this will keep you in control and not a pawn in the BIG techs game.

  1. Start Creating Content Rather Than Consuming Content

If you have a business it’s not social media, it’s business media. 

Use every single social media platform you can to drive more traffic, leads, and sales into your business. This will help you create more income streams.

With these income streams, you can make a bigger impact on your family, lifestyle, and community.

For this to happen, you must stop consuming content and start creating content.

Imagine the business and financial leaps you’ll make if you started making content instead of consuming.

  1. Do The Work 

There’s no replacement for doing the work.

It’s the #1 way to get any outcome you want out of life.

Doing the work alone will set you apart from the wanna-be’s who waste time screen sucking all day.  

Watch after 6-months of doing the work, you’ll start making more money and getting noticed as a player in the game.

But not if you avoid the work and do “busy work” to put off success.

Turning off notifications, creating content, and doing the work has helped me get to where I am today.

Even in these crazy times, my businesses continue to thrive for one reason… I stay focused, avoid distractions, create content, and do the damn work. 

And it can help you.

What I’ve shared with you is the most basic equation to have success in 2021 and beyond.

One more thing…

I want to help you. And the best way I can think of doing that is by giving you a free copy of my Wall Street Best Selling book Man Up. GET IT HERE.

Talk soon, 


How to Build Grit and Mental Toughness

This past Saturday I wanted to shake things up a bit, so I decided to not go to sleep and instead walked 31 miles through the night.

You might remember that I do these six week challenges that push me out of my comfort zone to test myself and continue to grow as a person. 

So I decided to do something a little different this Saturday night. A sunset to sun up city hike that would take place Saturday starting at 5:00 PM as the sun went down and end Sunday morning at 6:30 AM at sunrise. 

I invited anyone at HQ who wanted to join me and 5 people got in on it. 

Myself, Diana, Erin, Bryce, Byron and Max met up at 4:45 PM in Chino Hills and at 5:00 PM as the sun began to dip we set off on our hike throughout Chino Hills, Diamond Bar and Chino. 

The hike ended on Sunday morning at 6:30 AM when the sun started coming up. 

31 miles in total on foot over 13 hours. 

“Adversity introduces a man to his highest self” 

This is one of my favorite quotes… and it is very true in my experience. 

Take anything simple, like walking and make it hard by doing it late at night when you should be sleeping, in the cold (low 40s temp), up and down hilly roads and see who you really are at mile 31, 13 hours in. 

At the halfway point, at around 11:30 PM we were all feeling good and accomplished. 

I even heard someone say “we got this!” 

Lots of great conversations, connection, deepening of relationships and building grit! 

During the second half of the night as the blisters began to form on our feet and as quads, hamstrings and hips began to cramp and knot up, as the cold began to bite our exposed skin all while sleep deprived… shit got real! 

That’s when you meet who you really are. 

That’s when the inner conversation really begins. 

Self-talk is interesting when you’re freezing, in pain and sleep deprived.

If you pay close attention to what you’re telling yourself and how you’re feeling in that state, you really get to know who you are. 

That’s also when you get to meet the REAL you… and you’re given the opportunity to become the person that you really want to be.

It’s in that moment (or hours) as you’re painfully limping throughout the cold city that you understand this quote the best: 

“Adversity introduces a man to his highest self” 

Because you can quit. You can just stop.

The truth of the matter is that adversity introduces a man to his lowest self as well… 

…if you go negative and quit.

On Saturday night no one quit. 

I can’t say I didn’t think about it for just a fleeting moment. 

But I can tell you that no one quit. 

And that feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction and personal growth that you experience when you do something that less than 1% of people are willing to endure is just something magical. 

The lesson here is this… 

If you choose to do hard things, life becomes easy. If you choose to do easy things, life becomes hard. 

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