53. An Inside Look – Jesse Itzler

A $160,000 lesson about brownies, 2 death-defying mountain climbs, countless hours inside of saunas, and 31 days with a hardcore Navy SEAL—all these moments taught Jesse Itzler the “how-to’s” of entrepreneurship. In this episode, Jesse shares how the beaten path is the way of the entrepreneur, and how shattering the norm might be your best way to carve out your own niche. Watch or listen now to discover how storytelling, mentality, and time all play a role in your business’s success.

“Money can either be used to be an asshole or to serve others.”

– Bedros

Here’s what you’ll discover:
6:23 – How to become a pioneer entrepreneur and enter the “white space.”
7:08 – Why compelling storytelling is the best way to market your product/service.
14:51 – How to differentiate yourself from your industry—and thrive because of it.
23:11 – How a Navy SEAL taught Jesse how to push beyond his limits.
31:38 – How to convert time into urgency for success.

“Start small, think big, scale fast.”

– Jesse Itzler

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