A Father and Son Experience That Will  Be Remembered For a Lifetime.


The next Squire Program date – July 17th, 2021

Two years ago my son Andrew turned 13 years old. I wanted to do something special for him that would mark this time as he became a young man.

I wanted him to experience a “rite of passage” into manhood – something I read about in the book “Raising a Modern Day Knight” by Robert Lewis.

I wanted him to know that as he becomes a man, his character matters.

In addition to character I wanted him to understand the importance of keeping his word to others, having core values to live by and being a servant leader and a protector of others.

I wanted him to know that he was to be a gentleman and a warrior as he made his journey through life.

And finally, I wanted Andrew to know that I, as well as the other strong men in his life were going to be there for him as mentors and to council him as he becomes a young man and grows into an adult.

For the record, that is exactly how I was NOT raised…

It took me well into my early 30’s to learn how to lead, how to problem solve, to develop my own set of core values and to be a gentleman. I wanted my son Andrew to acquire and understand these traits sooner.

I wanted Andrew to have the advantages in life that I never had.

And I wanted for us to have a bonding experience together… one that we both would remember forever.

I had my work cut out for me.

After several weeks of planning I decided that I would assemble a group of men who I respect and who live lives of high moral authority and we’d fly out to Idaho where a friend owned and operated a tactical training center that was used by police, federal agents and the military to better hone in their skills.

After a full day of high stress and high speed experiences at the tactical center we surrounded my son Andrew with arms linked and poured wisdom into him that we wished we had gotten as teenagers.

This was something very powerful, meaningful and memorable for my son – and for me.


When I shared this experience with other dads they were all excited to do something similar for their sons.

However, planning something like this isn’t easy and being able to deliver a “rite of passage” experience for your son takes serious planning, organizing and preparation.

That’s why I decided to create the Squire Program, a 14 hour rite of passage experience for sons, and their fathers who want to raise modern day knights.

I recruited solid men to help me put together this experience for you and your son. These are men of character, of moral authority and men who are absolute gentlemen, warriors, leaders and amazing fathers.

More about these men in just a moment.

First, let me tell you about the Squire Program and how your son will benefit from it and how the two of you will remember this bonding experience forever.

The historic definition of the word Squire is: a young nobleman acting as an attendant to a knight before becoming a knight himself.

I think you’d agree with me that as men, we want to evolve into Modern Day Knights. To me a Modern Day Knight is man who leads, who protects, who’s a gentleman, who lives by a moral code and a set of core values.

A Modern Day Knight is a man who is driven by purpose, faith, and is in constant pursuit of reaching his potential.


Dozens of books have been written about the initiations that many tribes and cultures did throughout history to help boys go through a rite of passage into becoming capable men.

But initiations like those no longer happen and generations of boys have become lost men who try to figure out what it means to be a man.

Sadly, our current culture looks down on the idea of strong, confident young men who are definitive in their purpose and live by a moral code and a set of core values.

And that’s why I decided to create this ONE TIME experience for fathers who want to lead their sons through a rite of passage into becoming men of character and strong leaders.

That’s how the Squire Program came to be.


The experience will take place in Chino Hills, California and will be led by me, Bedros Keuilian as well as former Navy SEAL Ray Care, U.S. Marine Steve Eckert, former SWAT operator Matt Schneider, and MMA expert Erin Alejandrino.


On Saturday, July 17th, 2021 you and your son (age ranging from 13-15) are invited to share a 14-hour rite of passage experience that will be impactful and memorable for both of you.

The experience will require both the fathers and sons to be active, to participate in short challenges, hikes and problem solving drills that build and instill team work, communication, leadership as well as mental and emotional discipline.

In addition to the activities we will also have teaching times to impart wisdom, life lessons and structure core values.

These are life skills that our sons will build on for years to come.

At 8:00 AM, once the experience is complete, we will have a brotherhood dinner together as a group to connect and build lifelong friendships with like-minded men.


My goal is to make this available and affordable for all fathers and sons because I know just how important of an experience like this is to the development of our young men. So the fee for you and your son to join us for this experience is only $1,900 – this covers food and beverage as well as the cost of the event such as instructor fees, liability insurance, transpiration bus, and equipment/gear.

As I said, the $1,900 fee will help cover the operational cost of the event as well as a donation to Shriners Hospital For Children – the charity that my family and I have been giving to for over a decade. We believe in supporting causes and charities that make our world a better place as such we’ve made giving back apart of this program.

The last Squire program sold out quickly so please understand that once this class is full we can not accept anyone else.

The next Squire Program date – July 17th, 2021



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