$100,000 Private Coaching Email

I’ve been reflecting on how my $100,000 a year private coaching client can make 2022 their most profitable year yet…

And then I thought, why not share it with you too.

I copied and pasted the email below.



We’re about to enter a new year with a new scoreboard.

Since you’ve been with me, we’ve made sure to rake up as many points in the win column as much as possible.

It’s been nothing short of amazing seeing you and your business grow in 2021, but that’s now in the past.

The wins you collected don’t matter anymore.

The mistakes you accidentally made don’t matter anymore.

What matters right now is what you’re gonna do in 2022.

So the question we must keep asking ourselves is…

How can I make 2022 my most profitable year yet?

Think hard and deep about this over the holidays.

Here are a few things to spark up some creative profit creating ideas:

– Raise your prices.

– Automate your follow-up with emails or text messages.

– Get new leads and customers by diversifying your traffic source.

– Create a course, so you’re no longer trading time for money.

– Develop your team members.

I could go on and on, and I’m confident you’re more than capable of figuring one or two needle movers to make 2022 a year to remember.

Here’s one profit-lever I focus on every year. 

It’s expanding my network.

Your network is your net worth.

I’ll preach this until the day I die.

Your network is the BIGGEST leverage point to skyrocketing the level of income you bring in.

This is why I go out of my way to build relationships with amazing people like:

  • Craig Ballantyne, the genius of maximizing productivity.
  • Sharran Srivatsaa, the king of scale.
  • Dan Fleshman, The Godfather of social media.

You might know of these guys since I’ve made an introduction.

Each of these relationships has skyrocketed the quality of my life in one way or another. And I made it my top priority to do the same for them too.

If you don’t have a list of people you want to build a relationship with, make one now. 

If I know them, I’ll make an intro, so you can make 2022 your most profitable year yet.

Let me know what your goals are, so I can see how I can help you reach them faster.

Never Peak!



BTW, there’s no better way to start of vision building with your goals for 2022 than joining me and other high level entrepreneurs and business owners on Jan 21st for my once-a-year Mastermind Workshop.

It will be an incredibly valuable day with a morning workout with you and me at my private gym, down the street from HQ, we’ll have lunch together and go right into the Mastermind with tons of time for in-depth Q & A, strategy coaching sessions, and hot seat style breakthrough sessions. Click here to learn more, and if its a great fit we’ll invite you over to join us for my Business Ignition Mastermind. Hope to see you there!


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