Hire Bedros To Speak At Your Next Event

Want Me to Speak At Your Event?

If you have an event that needs a high-energy, no-nonsense keynote presenter, or you need to level up your team with an intensive workshop on business, marketing, and personal growth, I can help you.
Fair warning: I am not a “speaker for hire” in the traditional sense. I have strict standards for whose stage I will speak on, and I only deliver my high-performance workshops to teams that will truly benefit from my raw, unfiltered coaching style.

Still, if you are generous enough to host a major event for your industry, or if you care enough about your team to invest in their personal development as well as your own, then you and I will most likely work well together.
That’s why I’d like to invite you to apply for an exclusive collaboration with me so I can come speak at your event. Just fill out the form below and my team will be in touch with you shortly.

Business, Marketing, Mindset & Becoming a High Performance Human.

100% Real. 100% Impactful. 100% Raw.