3 Business Lessons From Charli The Dog

My daughter sold me and the wife on getting her a new puppy – a king Charles cavalier spaniel.

The name alone should tell you that it was NOT cheap.

Chloe named her Charli… it took a few weeks for her to grow on me, but she did.

Make no mistake about it though, Cookie, my 85-pound Mastiff/Shepherd mix is my #1 and so that’s that!

But in a short time, we’ve had Charli, I’ve learned 3 important lessons you can easily apply to your business and life to achieve big leaps of growth.

These lessons can help you if you’re just starting a business or have a big business and team.

Here they are:

Patience Is A Virtue

This puppy isn’t Einstein. It’s taking a bit longer than expected to train her. For as tiny as she is this dog can pee and poop like no one’s business. We’re using a lot of patience with her training right now.

The same thing applies to your business goals. You want your business to reach a certain point, at a specific time, but it doesn’t happen. Things come up and delay your plans. For example, Covid-19. Be patient and keep doing the work.

Leadership Is The Problem And The Solution

There are no bad dogs or bad team members. There are only bad leaders. If you’re having problems in your life and business, before you point the finger, start by pointing it at yourself and see where you can level up in leadership. It’s usually in one of these 3 areas…

  • Communication
  • Vision
  • Training

Discipline Creates Freedom

If you don’t have the discipline to create the structure for a puppy, they will become one of those dogs that you see on the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan – chewing everything up and attacking everyone who comes to your home.

Discipline is non-negotiable for dogs. You need to do the same thing for yourself, too.

Establishing good habits and routines allows you to have the discipline that gives you freedom. Not just the freedom from work, but from stress.

Use these 3 lessons from Charli, and watch how much of a difference this makes in your life and business.


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