3 C’s That Are Keeping You Down

Everywhere I turn I see people who’ve succumbed to complacency, comfort, and convenience. It’s not a pretty picture. 

People spend their days thinking about, speaking about, and worrying about the next “bad” thing that might be heading their way—then wonder WHY they’re not further ahead in their life, living in the body they desire, or enjoying the wealth and prosperity they crave…

If you’re reading this, my gut tells me it’s because you’re ready to kick complacency, comfort, and convenience to the curb… kind of like the woman I’m about to introduce you to…

This woman is a dear friend of mine, an 8-figure business owner, is in the process of taking a (separate) company public this summer, takes 5 months off every year, AND is a living mother and wife!

Her name is Shanda Sumpter, and she’s a true example of what’s possible when you put down your excuses and just GO FOR IT!

Shanda recently sat down with her videographer and cut an interview about how she approaches life and business, that is so raw and so real they knew they had to get it out into the world in a BIG way.

So, sure, I could write some long drawn out email trying to convince you that taking the time to watch the video linked below might possibly be one of the best investments in education you could make this year, but the truth is, if closing the gap between where you are right now and where you truly want to be isn’t compelling enough… that’s on you.

Go watch the video here – it’s free.

Talk soon,