3 things I’m using to build an audience (Steal this now)

Back in 2008, I uploaded my first YouTube video.

It was a 5-second video of my son and me going to a fire station. (Definitely not the type of content that was going to help grow the coaching business that I was running at the time.)

You see, in the beginning…

My YouTube channel and podcast existed as an afterthought in my business. It took me YEARS to see any sort of traction on my YouTube channel and podcast.

And it wasn’t up until a few years ago that I realized the INSANE advantages of using YouTube and podcasting to grow your personal brand and business.

But over the past 6 months, I’ve gone all in on YouTube and podcasting.

And I’ve finally cracked the code to growing my audience and building my personal brand even larger.

And the best part? Anyone can do this.

You see, It took me over 10 years to reach 100k subscribers on YouTube.

But it only took 6 months to get to 400k subs.

And in the next 6 months I’ll be at 1,000,000 subs.

Here are 3 things I’m doing to reach that goal (& how you can too):

  1. Purposeful Content 

Don’t just make videos for the hell of it. Make sure your content is meaningful and valuable to your audience.

​Creating content that matters will help you establish authority and attract a dedicated following.

Consider their problems or questions and provide helpful solutions or answers through your videos.

  1. Engage With Your Audience 

Every time a new video is released on my channel you can find me in the comment section. Engaging with my audience has been a MASSIVE part of growing my channel and building my community. 

From a marketing standpoint, it’s a great way to get feedback and suggestions from your audience and potential customers.

  1. Consistency 

Listen, in the past, I’d go months on end without posting a single video or podcast episode. Consistency is key when it comes to building and growing a YouTube channel. 

You gotta make sure you’re uploading videos on a regular schedule. Not only will it help your audience know when to expect new content from you, and it’ll put you in favor of YouTube’s algorithm.

Look, if you’re satisfied with where your current business and income are, that’s totally fine. 

But if you’re looking to… 

– Tap into a new marketing channel 

– Build your personal brand

– And inspire people while making money

Then you’ll want to attend my one-day intensive YouTube Bootcamp on April 13, 2023. 

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My good friend Rafeh Qazi will be sharing his tactics on how he was able to get himself to 1,000,000 subscribers in a relatively short period of time. Qazi is the hidden genius that experts turn to when they want to build massive YouTube channels.

And you’ll be able to use his tried and tested tactics to help kickstart your channel and gain raving fans from day one. 

You’ll then learn the systems and strategies I’m currently using to drive traffic to my personal brand while growing my channel and podcast. 

With these strategies, you’ll be able to become the authority in your space. Helping you build your personal brand and giving you a competitive edge over your competition.

Whether you’re just starting out or have an established following, you’ll learn how to build a community of raving fans in any industry or niche who are eager to do business with you.

And I believe that there’s no better way to do business than by inspiring others, all while building a massively profitable business.

Look forward to seeing you there,


P.S. We’re just about at capacity so if you’re ready to explode your personal brand using podcasts and YouTube then click the link below:


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