5 Traits And A Guarantee To Grow Your Business

I’m writing this email bright and early at Fit Body Boot Camp HQ. 

There’s a meeting I have to head to in a moment, so I wanna quickly tell you about last week in North Carolina. 

Last week I had an action-packed week in Charlotte, North Carolina where we hosted our two-day Fit Body Boot Camp Elite Mastermind training…

Through the two days, we poured into our franchise owners and left them with a goldmine of knowledge to help take their business to the next level.

These events always leave me fired up. 




Seeing the direction Fit Body Boot Camp is headed, it’s nothing short of electric and it’s because of all of our awesome franchisees! 

BTW, we do something for our franchise owners that NO OTHER GYM FRANCHISE DOES. We have the 100 Client Guarantee.  

When you open up a Fit Body Boot Camp you’ll have 100 paying members on day one, or we keep running your marketing until you do. Raving fans lining up BEFORE you even open your doors. 

What’s not to like?

Now, as promised, here are the 5 Key Traits I shared at the FBBC Mastermind! 

Consistency: Success is a marathon, not a sprint. Lock in on your vision and get up and do the work EVERYDAY. 

Singularity Of Focus: If you can be the master of your attention, you already have a competitive edge. Those who break focus go broke. 

Discipline: Success is a result of disciplined action stacked over time. 

Delayed gratification: Success loves patience. Don’t give in to short-term gratification for long-term success.

Emotional Discipline: Emotions can sabotage your success. Learn to keep your cool when things heat up.

If you’ve ever wanted to open a business that provides a ton of industry insight and consistent hands-on training then maybe you should consider opening a Fit Body Boot Camp.

Be a part of a growing franchise that’s dedicated to bettering its franchisees and their communities.

We bust our @sses at HQ to make it dead simple for our franchisees to blow up their businesses on day one.

Giving you industry-leading tools and strategies that put you miles ahead of the competition before you even open your doors.

Territories are going fast so don’t hesitate: https://fbbcfranchise.com/

Gotta prep for my first meeting.

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. Changing 100 lives starts with changing ONE first.

We focus on changing the franchisee’s life first by giving them the tools they need to hit the ground running on DAY ONE!

So it’s easier for them to change 100 lives, and then have the number compound even more like our FBBC Franchises have done over the years.

Check for availability in your area today: https://fbbcfranchise.com/

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