9 Productivity Tricks You Can Use Now

In the next five minutes, your business is going to either make you a 7 figure income or it’s going to go bankrupt. No third option.

Okay, that’s not entirely true… but it’s also not entirely false.

The point I want you to grasp is that every second of your day is valuable.

That means if you want to make more money and earn yourself more freedom than ever before, you need to squeeze those seconds for every drop of value you can get.

It’s time for you to 10X your productivity.

How are you going to do that?

Like I said, every second counts… which means whatever changes you’re going to make need to apply to every second of your day…

Including this very moment!

To help you out with that, here are 9 productivity tricks you can start using right this second.

Trick #1 – Delegate

Odds are, you have at least one thing to do today that you dread working on. (You might even be working on it right now.)

Whatever this thing is, you know that you’re no good at it.

And, while you know that it does need to get done, you also realize that it doesn’t directly make you any money.

So delegate it! Right now!

Delegate it the first employee you see who can do it competently.

Or hire someone.

Or have a friend do it and offer to buy them coffee.

Whatever you do, don’t let that nasty little task ruin your productivity.

Trick #2 – Starve Your Bad Habits

Whatever your biggest productivity killer is, find a way to starve it out.

Are you a TV watcher? Hide your remote, or better yet, chuck it out the window. That way your temptation to sit and slack off in front of the TV will be forced to wither away.

Maybe you like going to the kitchen for healthy snacks… only to end up looking sorting through your mail or staring at your fridge magnets. Keep your snacks right at your desk – that way you can snack without taking your eyes off the screen.

(After all, studies show that people tend to forget their current task whenever they walk through a doorway. Stay put!)

Trick #3 – Ignore the News

I was tempted to call news-watching a bad habit and lump it in with the previous trick, but a lot of you think it’s somehow important to watch the news.

See, we get all these messages from popular culture that say news-watching is for intelligent, responsible people and that there’s something wrong with you if you don’t do it too.

I call B.S.

In your case, the smart, responsible thing to do will ALWAYS be growing your business, because that’s what allows you change more people’s lives!

And watching all the negative, fear-mongering, dishonest junk on the news will only ever get in the way of that.

Guard your time shamelessly and only devote your attention to what matters to you: growing your business and changing lives.

Trick #4 – Drink More Water

Sorry, but entrepreneurs can get dehydrated too. Go easy on the coffee and energy drinks and make sure you’re drinking tons of WATER.

I shouldn’t have to tell you the dangers of dehydration, but just in case: fatigue, emotional disturbance, and lack of focus to name just a few.

Dehydration means valuable seconds down the drain. Drink up!

Trick #5 – Script Out Your Day

I talk about this a lot, and for a good reason: this is one of the most common habits among hugely successful people.

You might be thinking you can’t implement this right now because you’re already halfway through your day…

But why not script out the second half?

And then script out tomorrow?

And then script out your next week?

Good happens start right now. No excuses.

Trick #6 – Set Aside a Designated Email Time

Emails… one of the worst productivity killers.

We all have to deal with them, but if you’re not careful, each email runs the risk of completely derailing your productivity.

So set aside a designated time each day just for emails.

Use this time to reply, take notes, and organize. Move emails into a “Complete” folder as you go and write down any tasks that come up.

Don’t use your inbox as a to do list – that’s just a recipe for distraction.

Trick #7 – Create Scripted Email Responses

This one will help you use your email time more efficiently.

If you ever find yourself writing the same email over and over again, STOP!

Most email services (such as Gmail) include some system to let you create email templates. The difference between typing up a short email and using a canned email may seem like only a matter of seconds…

But remember, every second counts!

Trick #8 – Script Out Your Breaks

What, did you think I was only talking about work time earlier?

I wasn’t. Scripting out your breaks is just as important as scripting out your productive time.

I’ll explain why:

What’s the point of taking a break? I’m sure the answer is a little different for each of you, but I’m guessing it’s something to do with relaxation, keeping your mind fresh, or breaking your day into manageable chunks.

Whatever your reason, your break time is something you can maximize, just like your productive time.

Need that time to relax? Make sure you pick your #1 most relaxing activity and only do that during your break time.

Otherwise, you’ll come back from break time wishing you’d done something different. Then you’re distracted, which defeats the whole purpose of break time!

Trick #9 – Stop Multitasking

I don’t mean stop multitasking in general – I mean stop doing it right this second.

Seriously, as soon as you’re done reading this, I want you to look through all your open Internet tabs and windows and close all but one of them.

No ifs, ands, or buts.

Whatever one window is left open will show your most important task, which is the ONLY task you should be working on right now.

Committed to your success,