An Inside Look – Amanda Bucci

You can turn your social media into dollars.

Just ask my friend Amanda Bucci. She’s the queen when it comes to YouTube and IG fitness—she’s got 600,000 IG followers in case you were wondering.

Amanda knew next to nothing about entrepreneurship. But with the right coaching, she tripled her income (twice!) and made the most of her social media following—and you can do the same.

What made Amanda so successful in such a short time? Check out these lessons and apply them to your own business.


Create Content That Speaks to Your Audience

When people try to be everything to everyone, they end up being nobody to no one.

Amanda thrives because she creates content for a specific audience. But she doesn’t just see her audience as a demographic. She looks beyond that and asks, “Where are they at in their life?” and “What kind of person are they?”

So use your content to hit pain points, to answer the questions your followers have, to address the specific things they go through on a daily basis.

That’s valuable content to your audience. They then trust you as an expert and begin to buy into what you say (and purchase what you sell).


Be Vulnerable

You don’t need a billion social media followers to make money online. What you do need is the trust of your followers.

Before Amanda exploded her income, she built a following on social media. But how did she do it? She did something that 99% of people out there struggle to do: she was vulnerable.

For example, she once posted about her struggles with binge eating. Soon after, people flooded her DMs thanking her for sharing her story.

I’m not saying you need to put your entire life out there. But the first step to trust is being open. And once your clients know, like, and trust you, they’ll want to give you their money.

As Amanda says, humans buy humans, not products.


Handle the Hate

The more successful you get, the more people will question and criticize what you do.

Remember that hate comes from a dark place of insecurity. You can’t take what someone behind a computer screen says personally.

That hate can bring anyone down if they don’t know how to handle it. Amanda is not one of those people. In fact, she deals with criticism better than most people I know.

Here are a few of her ground rules to follow:

  • Don’t waste your time and energy trying to get Internet trolls on your side. They’re stuck in their ways.
  • When you get something nasty and vile on your timeline, just block them.
  • If you do get constructive criticism, even if it doesn’t come from a friendly point of view, you can respond with a “Hey, thanks for your opinion. Sending you love.”

What’s the best way to counter hate? Be successful. That’s it.


Get the Right Mentor

Coaching is huge. In fact, it’s a time saver.

Amanda’s big on this one. Her argument? Why waste your time and energy figuring out everything yourself when there’s someone out there with the answers you need?

Plus, we tend to see things only from our perspective. Sometimes you need someone else to look at your business from the outside. They might find opportunities that you missed.

I have people like Joel Wheldon, Joe Polish, and Craig Ballantyne as my mentors. They each coach me on specific areas of my business, and that increases my chances of success and takes a ton of stress off my shoulders.

That’s how you’ll feel when the right people are coaching you up.


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