An Inside Look – Jason Capital

Everyone wants to make money. No one knows how to keep it.

That’s what my friend and business coach Jason Capital learned the hard way. He made a ton of money at a young age, got complacent, and lost it all before making it all back nine months later.

Have you ever tasted success, then stopped growing? Have you felt an inner urge to reinvent yourself and your business?

That—and more—is what you’ll learn in this blog, where I share the biggest takeaways you can learn from Jason, his rise, his fall, and his second and third acts, which have him on track to become a billionaire.


Seek Out Mentors

The quick fix to complacency is to network with people who are better than you. That’s not to say anything bad about friends who are at or below your level, but they won’t push you as much as a mentor would.

When you network with top-notch professionals, they teach you the secrets to their success. That’s knowledge that people pay thousands and thousands of dollars for, because knowing that stuff can take you into a new tax bracket.

Jason calls this “environmental exposure.” That’s why he and I have been in so many masterminds and at so many conferences—we know how important it is to interact with successful people and pick their brains.

You can’t just do this online either. Too many people hide behind their phones and never make the real connections that come with networking. Go to an event, meet some people, and extract their nuggets of wisdom that you can apply to your business.


Never Get Complacent

As Jason says, if you’re not growing you’re dying.

The greats never settle. Tim Grover talks about this in his book, Relentless. He says that those who perform at the highest level are “cleaners”—they never settle for good or even great.

At 20 years old, Jason hit $20k/month through digital marketing (he was selling a basketball ball handling course online). He moved out to San Diego and started living large.

But before he knew it, he was bankrupt and back in his mom’s basement. What happened?

He settled. His mentality was, “How can I maintain my income with the least amount of effort?”

Instead, when you focus on scaling your business, making more money, and serving more people, you raise your standards. That’s what Jason did, and it led to him making seven figures—and moving out of his mom’s basement—in only nine months.


Reinvent Yourself

Here’s the thing: we go through different phases in life. What you’re doing today might not be what you’re doing 3 years from now.

But as long as you have a solution to a problem, you can make it work. That’s ultimately what business comes down to, regardless of the industry you’re in.

Jason’s made multiple figures selling basketball programs, dating coaching, and financial consulting. How did he build an empire 3 times over?

All 3 times he had a problem, he knew others had the same problem, and he came up with a solution for that problem.

Jason wanted to play college basketball, so he went out and worked his ass off to get better. That’s when he met a ton of other players who needed help with their ball handling, so he created a course that would teach them how to get better.

Then he stopped playing basketball and lost his passion for it. Instead, he realized that he was really good at teaching young guys how to date. He began an online dating course, and the rest is history.

Now this doesn’t mean you should change your path every time you get a new idea. Distracted entrepreneurs are bad entrepreneurs. No, once you’ve made it big in one thing, only to realize that your heart is in something else, you can make the switch—if you have a solution to a problem.


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