An Inside Look – Matt Wilber

How do you turn your business into an empire?

Matt Wilber certainly knows how. He runs 5 Fit Body Boot Camp franchises in Michigan, and several of those locations make a million dollars a year.

What makes your business scalable? Let’s see what he does differently—and what you can steal for your business.


Do Whatever It Takes

Matt barely had enough money to open his first location and was living in his grandma’s basement.

But while others packed their bags and gave up, he chose to keep going at all costs.

Is there a skill you suck at but know you need to learn? Learn it—or hire someone to do it for you. That’s how you grow as an entrepreneur.

Your business isn’t a hobby—it’s your career, your passion, and your purpose.  Sure there will be bumps in the road, but you’re an entrepreneur—you’re made to last.


Systemize Like Crazy

I like to say that the word “system” stands for “save yourself time, energy, and money”.

A lot of entrepreneurs initially get away with holding their business together by themselves. They single-handedly put out fires, serve clients, and handle all the back-end stuff that needs to get done.

Then they expand to location number two and all hell breaks loose. They start to fail because they—and they alone—were the reason why their first business was succeeding.

Matt Wilber had this issue until he implemented high-level systems into his business.

You can either say you’ll care about your clients, or you can install a system for greeting them when they come in the door and loving them up. You can either tell one of your coaches to make up a workout, or you can create a system for scheduling effective workouts all the time.

Once you have those systems in place, you can duplicate your business model as many times as you want.


Grooms Leaders

Your income will never exceed your personal development. In other words, your business and your personal growth are very much related.

Use your business to help your team members grow personally and professionally.

Matt hires people he knows will fit right into his business’s culture. Then, he does two things: he teaches them the skills they need for their role, and he invests in them personally.

You want team members who are mentally strong, who cut the crabs out of their life, who expect more out of the people around them.

Once you do this, your team will be filled with qualified leaders that can take over the day-to-day operation  of each of your businesses for you. Soon enough, you’ll have branches of lower-level leadership managing your locations while you do high-level work that makes you more money.


Protects Your Mornings

Do the work that makes you the most money in the mornings.

That’s why Matt and I both use that time as our “magic time”. No phone. No distractions. Just work.

We’re pulled in every direction throughout the rest of the day, so we need that time to lock in on our 5%.

What’s your 5%? What can you do that only you—and no one else—can? That’s what you need to focus on.

Start your morning off by crushing your to-do list and getting a win.


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