An Inside Look – Sharran Srivatsaa

From $300 million to $3.4 billion—in just 5 years.

My friend Sharran Srivatsaa did that. He 10x’ed, and you can too.

Why settle at $500,000, $5 million, or $500 million when your business has plenty of room to grow? You just need two things: the right mindset and the right game plan.

Today I want to dive into what makes Sharran a top-tier entrepreneur—and the strategies you can use to achieve the success he has.


Make Your “Why” Urgent

Simple question: why are you in business?

That answer will tell you a lot about where your business is headed.

As a kid in India, Sharran was told that his future depended on getting to the United States. But he had a problem: he needed to get good at something in order for his passport to process.

So he resorted to tennis. Mind you, he’d never played tennis before, and now he had to get good enough to earn a college scholarship.

Sharran knew that tennis could open the doors to financially secure his family, so he made it a priority. He ended up getting so good that he actually went pro!

The lesson? As Sharran says, sometimes your “why” needs to be bigger than yourself. He played tennis for his future and for his family.

Do you want to succeed in business so you can support your family? Or to retire at an early age? Or to buy that car you’ve wanted since you were a kid?

Well, you’ll work your ass off to get it when your “why” is meaningful enough.

It’s ok to feel like quitting—but it’s not ok to actually quit.


10x the Low-Hanging Fruit

Getting wins is so important. Your success in one area of your life bleeds into everything else, including your business.

Succeed in something you do well. Sharran likes to call this “hacking your way to 10x”.

Having a slump in sales? Go get in a great workout to remind yourself what it feels like to win.

It’s amazing how much of a mindset boost you get by simply succeeding, even if it’s at something trivial.


Have Singularity of Focus

Sharran and his team faced their fair share of issues 10x’ing. They lost market share, they experienced issues between partners, etc…

But they relentlessly zoned in on their goal of 10x’ing. In fact, they broke that goal down into achievable chunks so they would know what they needed to get done every day, every week, every month, every quarter, and every year.

Identify your goal and cut it up into manageable deadlines. Get coaching to keep you accountable for those deadlines too so you can stay on track.

You can find that immediately in our Empire Mastermind—click here to apply.


Position Yourself to Sell Your Business

Say you’re ready to sell your business. What do you need to do to secure the best sale possible?

Sharran boils it down to two things.

First, you need to act as if you don’t need to sell. Don’t come off as desperate, but make sure you communicate that you have options.

Second, you need to get in the head of the buyer.

By the time Sharran sold his business, he knew his buyer’s value proposition better than they did. That’s because he took the time to understand where they were coming from and why it benefitted them to buy his company.

Know the terms of the deal better than even the buyer does.


Know Everything About Your Business 

I know entrepreneurs that love to go to conferences and summits just to look cool on Instagram. I know even more that actually go to these conferences to learn, yet never apply any of it to their businesses.

Then there’s people like Sharran that know their business like the back of their hand. When they learn something, they immediately use it to their advantage.

That’s the secret. The knowledge you gain is only valuable to the extent you can apply it to your business.

Once you learn a new tip or strategy, figure out how to use it to boost your profit margins and maximize your success. How can you specifically change your systems or services to 10x your income?


Want to hear more 10x talk? Click here to listen to the full-length Empire Podcast that Sharrand and I shot—it’s a good one!