Are You Holding Your Business Back?

You need to take a hard look at yourself.

Are you living up to your fullest potential? Is your business begging you to man up and become the leader it needs?

I always say it, and I’m gonna say it one more time: your personal income will never exceed your personal growth. If there’s a disconnect between what someone preaches and how they live, their business will flounder once their growing pains catch up to them.

But if you’re always aware of what you need to improve, if you practice what you preach, and if you invest in your personal growth, your business will have no choice but to evolve and skyrocket.

My man Craig Ballantyne had to do a lot of soul searching before he could become the influencer he is today. Let’s take a look at Craig’s story to discover how business and personal wellness affect one another.


You Need Strong Role Models

You need to hang around with winners to become a winner yourself. For some people, that could be their father or mother. For others, a big brother. For Craig, it was a few close friends (including myself).

Look, as much as we want to believe we have all the answers we need, we don’t. We need guidance and coaching. We need someone to teach us what to do and what not to do.

Craig used to be one cold dude. He tells the story of how he once gave a friend of ours amazing advice, only for that advice to fall on deaf ears. Why? He gave that advice like a dick.

But credit to Craig, he did the self-work and listened to me and others. Now, he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever come across—and the advice he gives is well-received by his peers.


You Need to Get a Grip on Anxiety

Anxiety is the struggle no one wants to talk about, yet I still hear about how so many entrepreneurs deal with it. As an entrepreneur, you need to defend your health: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Anxiety is just the anticipation of future pain. Not present pain, but future pain. Once you minimize it, you can focus on your path to domination.

Craig’s dealt with anxiety in the past. It even put him in the hospital twice. So how did he overcome it? He realized that he was ok.

Doctors hooked him up to a heart monitor after his second hospital trip, and they told him they’d let him know if anything went wrong. 24 hours passed and no word came from doctors. Craig was physically fine.

Then, he read a book about anxiety. Five words at the start of chapter 2 confirmed to Craig that he was gonna pull through.

“There’s nothing wrong with you.”


You Need to Let Go

You have to trust your team to do stuff and to do it well.

Micromanaged team members are ineffective team members. You can’t clone yourself (yet, at least), so you have no choice but to put your trust in your team.

Like many early entrepreneurs, Craig used to run his business from the top-down. He did everything. Then, as he went through reinventing himself and his mission, he had no choice but to delegate responsibilities.

That paid off. He hired a copywriter that wrote a sales letter that converted big time, enough to sell hundreds of thousands of copies of one of Craig’s new programs. Again, the strongest empires are built on trust and a shared vision for the future.


You Need to Build Around Your Strengths

Your business will thrive when you build it around your strengths. That’s pretty easy to understand.

But so many entrepreneurs don’t want to reinvent themselves and instead stay inside their comfort zones. Maybe they’re making a decent living doing what they’re doing now, even if they aren’t playing to their strengths.

Listen, business is competitive! Someone’s always figuring out a new way to sell, or a product to pitch, or a new service to offer. You either stay ahead or struggle to survive.

In 2012, Craig knew he had to change his fitness business from turbulence training to bodyweight training. Yet there was still something that didn’t feel right to him…he didn’t have a burning passion for fitness.

Instead, he wanted to coach people through productivity. Why? Because he knew his gift was to help others structure their schedules to meet their long-term goals.

That’s why Craig chose to reinvent himself. He knew he could make a bigger impact as a productivity and time management expert, so he made the switch. Now he’s the guy people go to when they want to get their life in order.


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