Bane Masks, Gag Balls, and Cold Plunges

Over the years I’ve seen a ton of fitness fads come and go.

Now fad is nothing more than a short-lived craze. 

In fact, it seems like not too long ago everyone was walking around the gym looking like Bane from Batman by wearing those altitude masks.

Or what about those jawbone exercise “gag balls” that made you look like you were in an OnlyFans video?

Regardless of how silly any of these fads look, the reason they do them is because… 

Everyone is always looking for that ONE thing that will give them a slight edge over their competitors.

Lately, people have been trying to get a slight edge with the latest fad – the cold plunge.

Now the reason I call this a fad is that most people will buy one and eventually stop using it.

And within 2-3 years most people will forget about it.

I share this with you because you shouldn’t be looking for that slight edge…

You don’t need to buy a cold plunge or wear a gag ball outside of the bedroom.

Listen, I’m all for trying to become your best self. By all means, go for it!

But dude…

What’s the point of trying to get a slight edge when you haven’t even laid the foundation with a single proven routine?

You see a routine is something that you do consistently every day and never budge.

For me, my daily routine is as simple as:

  • Drinking my Trulean Daily Essentials to keep my immune system firing on all cylinders
  • Getting a savage workout in to stay mentally and physically in shape 
  • Going on a walk to get some good ol’ fashion vitamin D. 

A routine works for you and your lifestyle.

Now whether you follow my daily routine, take cold showers, or meditate, find what works for you and stick with it.

Because when you can stick with a simple routine that you love, just like in business and life, you will see results.

Results that don’t involve you having to chase the next weird fitness gimmick.

Fads give you temporary results.

Routines give you permanent results.

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. By the way I almost forgot, I like to keep my post-workouts simple as well.

After my daily workouts, especially after a savage leg day, I chug 2 scoops of the Trulean Protein

If you want to get extra “weird” with it try adding some Trulean Strawberry Protein powder to plain yogurt.

Now if you want to give it a try use code “BEDROS” for 50% OFF any subscription.

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