Building Toughness & Resiliency

Most people will choose pleasure over purpose…

…and over time this will begin to eat away at your soul because even though you know you are meant for more, you continue to lean into the pleasures of life. 

Here’s why you do this… 

Our greatest enemy in life is our own inner perception, our own ignorance, and our own ego – the inner critic.

The inner critic is the story we tell ourselves about not being smart enough, strong enough, loveable enough, or worthy enough.

This is why I created the Modern Day Knight Project, so that men who are suffering in silence can go to war with that inner critic and discover (or rediscover) who they know deep down they’re meant to be…

A purpose driven man.

To date, 15 classes of the MDK Project have been secured. Over 300+ men have signed up, with over 30% of men dropping out – due to their inner critic winning the battle.

The inner critic within us is constantly trying to infiltrate our subconscious, leading us to a life of quiet desperation and mental suffering.

Now whether you do the Project or not, I don’t care.

I’m not your daddy, and that’s a decision you must make for yourself. 

What I do care about is that you begin on your path to defeating your inner critic and unleashing your higher self.

Most people believe that a hero on a white horse is coming to save them. 

This is called hero worshiping. 

I see so many men who look up to the gurus, the influencers and the goofballs on social media who fake flex by flashing shit that they don’t even own.

But the truth is that the man on white horse comes from within, and it begins by developing your mental toughness & emotional resiliency.

Our mental toughness helps us stay focused during crucial moments while emotional resiliency is our ability to respond to stressful or unexpected situations leading up to crucial moments.

You must be willing to go to war with your inner critic by putting yourself in challenging situations often until you develop high levels of mental toughness and emotional resiliency. 

This is why I always say that when you choose hard over easy, you will have an easy life. And when you choose easy over hard, you will have a hard life. 

Look, if you really want to go all in on building the most mentally tough, emotionally resilient, physically fit and financially free version of yourself then I want to invite you to come and do the Modern Day Knight Project.

The MDK Project is more than just a 75 hour experience for men. It’s a brotherhood of like minded men who are driven to dominate every category of life – Family, Fitness, Finances and Faith. 

This is your invitation brother – I can’t make you do it, but I can tell you that the man that you’ll become on the other side after graduating the Project is a man that you will be proud of! 

Check Out The MDK Project Here

Or you can do my 26.2 Challenge completely for free – with literally no catch other than the promise of you seeing it through.

Sign up for the 26.2 Challenge for FREE. 

Talk soon,


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