Clone Your Superstar Employees With My “Weird” Alien Abduction Manual

Do you believe in aliens?

The Pentagon confirmed UFOs were real in 2020.

There are cases all around the globe of people being abducted.

What if one of your superstar employees was abducted by aliens?

Would your business crumble in weeks?

If it would, use my “Alien Abduction Manual” to make your business crumble-proof after an alien abduction.

Look, alien abduction or not, employees will come and go. 

Some will move on to other opportunities, and others will be fired.

The point of this email is to not talk about alien conspiracy theories. But it’s to talk about the systems and processes you have in your business.

I’ll talk about this manual in a second. But I need to share with you why so many entrepreneurs struggle with delegating and creating systems and processes for their businesses to grow and scale. 

Many entrepreneurs fall into the common trap of carrying the burden, even with a team in place. 

This then causes them to do a lot of the trivial work. Like book appointments, customer support, and etc.


Your team is designed for you to outsource the trivial many. So you can focus on the critical few that are only in your zone of genius.

What’s your zone of genius? 

It’s the stuff only you can do and no one else. That can be sales calls, copywriting, client relationships, etc.

Your team is supposed to keep you in your zone of genius and nowhere else.

So how do you create systems and processes in place to stay in your zone of genius?

You create an “Alien Abduction Manual”.

An Alien Abduction Manual is a 3-ring binder that’s updated every 90 days by your employees to establish systems and processes in place to scale faster.

In other words, a training manual. 

This manual will then help you document every step your employee does. So just in case they’re abducted by aliens, you can prevent your business from crumbling.

Your missing employee may be off-planet, but that doesn’t mean your business operations have to be too. 

So to quickly plug someone in to fill in their role, use the Alien Abduction Manual to help them get up to speed.

Now here’s the one caveat.

It’s not perfect because they’ll get to 70-80% of what the person is doing almost instantly. You “close the gap” with over-the-shoulder training and hands-on experience.

It’ll take weeks, months, or even a year to get a new employee up to speed in most businesses.

This is why I have alien abduction manuals all over my business. Because just in case someone gets abducted, my businesses would keep running.

If your goal is to step away from your business or scale it fast, a system and process are necessary for you to do this.

To your success,


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