Don’t close the deal unless you do this first

Are you making this mistake when it comes to closing the deal?

After closing over $100 million in sales over the phone, on stage, and even on zoom, I’ve discovered there’s ONE mistake most entrepreneurs make when it comes to sales.

Today, I’ll show you what this mistake is, that’s closing up people’s wallets faster than you can blink: closing when the value has not been established.

This is a big no-no. If you keep making this mistake, your bank account will become drier than the Sahara Desert.

To avoid this mistake, you must acknowledge where your prospect is coming from. You then need to reinforce the positive value they’re getting from your product/service.

After you establish the incredible value they get, give them the independent power to decide for themselves. (Don’t be a pushy salesman. It makes prospects uncomfortable and repulsed by you.)

To have them commit to a decision, hit them with some urgency.

You can easily say, “I’ve got other people.”

With the commitment and urgency set up, you give them a full risk reversal (a guarantee).

And if you do all this, you will spark a closing streak. But this closing streak won’t happen if you don’t establish the value before you go for the close.

My private coaching clients pay me $100,000 a year to show them what I just showed you. So don’t say, “Sweet! This is great info.”

Use this sales advice to close more deals today.

It will take practice, time, and effort, yet it will be all worth it when you’re able to provide a better lifestyle for your family than you grew up with.

Good luck!

Happy closing.


Bedros Keuilian

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