Don’t Get Old

This weekend I was at a friend’s 50th birthday party and I was reminded of the best lesson that I’ve ever learned in life…

…to never peak.

If you’ve read my book Man Up then you might remember what Never Peak is all about – Never Peak, The Best Is Yet To Come.

See, far too often people peak in their hay days and then everything after that is all down hill.

It’s like for most people the best of life is behind them… their days in highschool, college, on the sports team or military.

And now, they just exist day to day with their best days behind them.

See, this weekend at my friend’s birthday party I noticed how fit my friend is compared to all of his friends that he grew up with.

He’s got a six pack and they have guts.

He’s got a positive mental attitude and they just seemed to be a little down about life.

He’s got a new career and he’s doing new things in life and they’re just kind of stuck in the rat race.

Look, life isn’t about hitting your best PR’s in your 20’s and 30’s and then sliding downhill from there…

…life is about constant growth, constant evolution, and constant improvement.

The Japanese have a word for this: Kaizen, constant and continuous improvement.

I call it the “Never Peak” mindset. Never peak, the best is yet to come!

Keep growing, evolving, trying new things, challenging yourself, learning and exploring.

Don’t let your body and mind go to s#it.

Don’t let your attitude suck.

Don’t get stuck in the past.

Look forward to the best of you in the future and you do that by constantly leaning into the sides of your comfort zone.

If you’re ready to challenge and transform yourself then check out this video and see if it calls you to step out of your comfort zone.

Talk soon,


PS. I have a feeling this video is going to be a game changer for you!