Don’t Make This Stupid Mistake In Your Business

If your goal is to make money with your business then pay close attention to this email because I’m going to give you the key to making offers that convert.

After doing over $100 million in sales, I’ve figured out what makes an offer a winner and a loser. And it’s not what you think. 

It isn’t a ballin’ ad budget, email campaigns, or savvy sales script.

The difference between a winning and a losing offer is believability.

Believability is the gatekeeper to your customer’s wallets.

Let me show you what I mean.

We sell supplements with my company, TruLean Nutrition.

We see brands selling fat loss pills 24/7 on the interwebs…

They say things like: 

Take these pills right before you sleep and you’ll burn off slabs of body fat like it’s nothing. You don’t need to change your diet or spend hours at the gym.

You and I are both smart enough to know this is B.S. 

Your customer knows this too.

Why? Because it sounds too good to be true.

It sounds UN-believable.

As I mentioned earlier, the more unbelievable your offer the less likely your customer will pull out their wallets.

For example, Everyday Fit, our best-selling product, sells out every time we restock.

Why? Because we don’t “promise the moon” even while being in a saturated market.

This is the product description copy we use for Everyday Fit:

 Renew your day with this delicious, appetite-curbing, non-stimulant mix that boosts your metabolism while hydrating your body! This is the first-ever water enhancer that replenishes nutrients & supports an active lifestyle WITHOUT harmful sugar or stimulants. Renew your day with our antioxidant-rich, electrolyte blend, Everyday Fit!

New and loyal customers keep clearing out our inventory, WITHOUT us having to say you’ll tighten your tummy with each sip as if you got liposuction. Or claim that our hydration formula shrinks away wrinkles and fine lines like botox. 

What we say about Everyday Fit is believable. (You just saw it for yourself.)

Our customers love us for it, too.

Everyone has a built-in BS detector and if you set that off by making an aggressive and unbelievable offer then it’s going to backfire on you.

Our customers trust us, which is why they buy our other products.

If you want your customers to love you, trust you and buy from you then don’t “promise the moon”…

…just speak to the problems that your product solves and then back it up with social proof (testimonials and reviews) and then ask them to buy it.

In a world where everything is now over-hyped, people can see right through that s#it.

To your success,


PS. Did you know that over 70% of people out there are chronically dehydrated? Truth is most people just don’t drink enough water and that makes them foggy headed, slows the metabolism and makes you think you’re hungry all the time (when you’re really thirsty). Water doesn’t taste good so people don’t drink it. But water with Everyday Fit tastes amazing so you should get some here.

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