Entrepreneurs and Addiction

In my 20+ years as an entrepreneur, I’ve seen porn, alcohol, drugs, infidelity, and overeating, destroy men and their empires.

Here’s the facts about driven men who become entrepreneurs…

  • We have addictive personalities (that’s what drives us)
  • When we’re stressed or overwhelmed we don’t talk about it
  • We tend to suffer in silence
  • If we don’t check ourselves we end up medicating with addictions

I’ve seen one person lose his $60 million fortune because of vices.

This doesn’t only affect multi-millionaires.

These vices are also affecting the entrepreneurs who slide in my DMs asking for help because they can’t seem to gain any ”traction.”

They point the finger at everything else for their failures but…

They never point at themselves.

They don’t point it at the vices sabotaging their success.

Some of these vices are out in the open. And some are hidden as skeletons in the closet.

Conquering these vices and addictions is simple:

  1. Be more disciplined.
  2. Have better habits and routines
  3. Have core values that lead your life
  4. Be a better leader of self and others
  5. Be willing to ask for help

These 5 things cost you nothing.

They’re within your control.

The same way how your attitude, and the time you wake up is within your control.

Use these 5 vice destroying tips to level up in your business, marriage, fitness and in life!

Talk soon,


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