Every Successful Person I Know Does THIS

One thing I preach over and over again is that in order to create a baller network of badasses is simple. You need empathy.

I’ve seen empathy act as a backstage pass to the most coveted circles with nearly all my mega-successful friends and business partners.

Today, many of us spend most of our time focused inwardly on our own emotions, wants, and needs. This type of focus isolates us from experiencing and tuning into others’ wants, and needs. (I’m certainly guilty of this).

This is why I tell everyone to have more empathy.

Empathy allows you to…

  • See the world from their perspective.
  • Appreciate others as human beings.
  • Understand people’s feelings.
  • Communicate your understanding.

Now, this is where empathy turns a regular network into a baller network.

If you focus outward instead of inward when you meet someone, you’ll be a breeze of fresh air to them. A rare encounter they’ll remember and tell their friends about.

Why? Because it’s rare to find a person who’s empathetic towards other people’s moods, wants, and needs.

Focusing outwardly is a game-changer, and it’s why nearly every successful person I know is empathetic. 

When I was younger, and much less successful, I wasn’t empathetic. This lost me more deals and relationships than I can count.

If there was anything that has changed my life for the better, it has been empathy.

If empathy doesn’t come naturally to you like it didn’t with me, don’t worry. It’s a skill you can work on daily.

The best way to become more empathetic is to start listening to others when you talk to them. I mean, listen to them, NOT listen to where you can interject your opinion.

Doing this will help you become more empathic, which will then help you make more and have a baller network.

To your success,

Bedros Keuilian 

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Much love ❤️🦍

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