How to Find a Great Business Mentor

First a short story about a famous NBA player, Allen Iverson who almost ended up missing his calling…

…and the mentor who saved his life.

There was a brawl that happened in high school that got Allen Iverson convicted for a year and sent college coaches running for the hills.

No coach wanted anything to do with Iverson!

Not John Thompson though. He gave Allen a chance, which then propelled him to the NBA Hall of Fame.

Coach Thompson saw the ONE thing in Allen Iverson that all coaches missed.

That’s what a good mentor has… outside eyes.

I share this with you because we must never forget the people who brought you up and believed in us when we didn’t believe in ourselves.

This is why I’m always saying thank you to my father for risking his life and bringing us to the United States.

And I’m always thanking my first mentor, Jim Franco for showing and guiding me on my path to entrepreneurship.

They helped lay down the foundation for me to build on, so I can become the man and entrepreneur I am today.

And for that, I’m massively grateful.

If you have anyone in your life who has helped bring you up as Coach John Thompson did for Allen Iverson or my father, and Jim Franco did for me, please thank them today.

Before I sign off for the day remember this: Never down the man who taught you how to swim.

Also, I’ve been blessed with the ability to thrive in business for many many years. And I want to help you grow your business and increase profits EVEN in these crazy times.

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