Get Over Your Past Bullshit

Your past is like a tight grip that never wants to let go. You won’t break free unless you really put some effort into it.

My past used to define me. For years I carried around shame and rage because of stuff that happened to me in Armenia—back when I was just 4 years old.

Maybe you can relate. We’re all pretty messed up after all. But as an entrepreneur, you have to believe that your best days are yet to come and that growth is just around the corner.

Here what you need to do to make sure you never, ever peak.


Use Your Setbacks as Motivation

Those moments that were supposed to break you? Use them to build your business, make a greater impact, and win your freedom. Whatever’s holding you back, get a hold of it, understand it, and use it as your fuel to grow.

Hell, we’ve all been through something. Stuff we’d rather not talk about. Stuff we’re ashamed of. You either let those moments tear you down or push you even further.

Again, I went through some shit when I was a young kid in Armenia. It put this chip on my shoulder. I had so much rage inside of me.

But rather than damage myself, I channeled that rage to build my empire. I did the self-work (therapy was a big part of that) and it paid dividends.


Be Unreasonable

You’re the leader of your empire. Be unreasonable and unrealistic with your expectations.

There’s a catch: not only do you have to set the same unreasonable standards for yourself as you do for others, but you have to meet them.

People follow those that lead by example, so lead from the front and do what you expect your team members to do.

I used to be the guy that never wanted to step on anyone’s toes. I set my expectations for others low, even though in my heart I expected more of them. Then I realized that our business needed to do more, and that it all starts with me.

Once that happened, my businesses took off faster than I could keep up with because my team played up a level.


Hang Around Other Entrepreneurs

Being around other entrepreneurs, especially the ones who are where you want to be, is a game-changer.

Entrepreneurs are islands. We deal with dilemmas that everyone else just can’t relate to. It’s a lonely feeling, man.

So when you can go to a mastermind event and meet other like-minded entrepreneurs, people that have the same goals and problems that you do, it really helps you get over the hump and expand your empire.

You also want to hang around with people who are where you want to get to. They did something right and produced the outcome that you want, so why wouldn’t you pick their brain for answers?

I owe a ton to Craig Ballantyne, my business partner and good friend. Craig’s a master of discipline, something I lacked before I met him. From him I learned how to incorporate structure into my day, and as a result I’m much more efficient now than I’ve ever been.


Stay True to Yourself

This means you need to assess the state of your business. Is there something you’re offering that isn’t an authentic representation of yourself?

If so, then cut it.

That’s what happened to Craig and me. We used to offer an Info Mastermind that made us money but didn’t feel fulfilling enough. I was literally teaching people how to convert word documents into PDFs.

I was born to help entrepreneurs realize the biggest opportunities in their businesses. I couldn’t really do that if I was just answering stuff they could Google on their own.

We shelved that mastermind and instead created the Empire Mastermind, where we help successful entrepreneurs make even greater leaps in their businesses. We help them solve the high-level business problems that make them more money. More worth our time, more worth theirs.

Do what’s authentic and stay ahead of the curve.


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