Happiness Is An Inside Job

I thought I had reached the pinnacle of happiness owning the car I’ve been dreaming of owning since I was a teenager, but in reality, I still felt empty inside.

Like most people today, they think material things will make them happy. And I’m going to tell you how to be happy even if you live in a cardboard box.

Not that I want you to live in a cardboard box.

Prepare to write this down.

Your happiness shouldn’t be tied to how much money you make, or what you own. Your happiness should be tied to how grateful you feel on the daily…

…because happiness is an inside job.

Let me explain why being grateful will make you happy.

Gratitude is the most powerful emotion because it rewires your brain to be happier and more optimistic.

Even Harvard University recognizes how powerful it is. They say gratitude helps people feel more positive, improve their health, deal with adversity, sleep better, build strong relationships, and improve their appearance.

Notice how Harvard didn’t say driving a nice car, owning a mansion, or having a 7-figure business would make you happy.

Listen, all those possessions are great and I want that for you and more… However, I know plenty of people who have the money and stuff, and they’re miserable.

To rewire your brain to be happier, use my 2 min morning routine:

1. Think of 3 people you’re grateful for.
2. Send a text saying you’re grateful for them.


This daily 2-min routine will restructure your brain to be happier and more optimistic.

And when you do that you will enjoy the life you have now… And you’ll enjoy the millions of dollars you’ll have in the future.

Talk soon,


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