How My Client Almost Doubled His Income By “Knowledge Hacking”

Every time a new coaching client comes into HQ we meet in the War Room.

This is my conference where we spend half the day deep-diving and strategizing your next business moves.

Now with every new coaching client, I’m very particular about laying down the foundation for your success.

During our first in-person coaching session I always start with these three steps:

  1. Establish the house rules
  2. Clarify how the coaching process works
  3. Dive deep into the specifics of your business

Once we’re able to deep dive into your business we can formulate a game plan specifically for you to execute for the next 6 months.


And when you follow this game plan to the tee, while I can’t guarantee results…

I can say the majority of my clients hit, if not surpass, the goals we set out for them.

My coaching client Reuben Brooks is a prime example of this. 

He followed the game plan and almost DOUBLED his income in just 5 months. And on track to not only hit but surpass his end-of-the-year goals.

He just uploaded a new video explaining how we were able to do this here.

As Reuben states in his video he was able to “Knowledge Hack” his success.

He tapped into the strategies and insights I’ve accumulated over years of building businesses and helping others to do the same.

You see, the real reason you invest in coaching isn’t just for advice or guidance. 

The reason you invest in coaching is to hack into the knowledge of someone who’s gone where you want to go.

And more importantly, has gotten results and shown others how to do the same.

A great business coach can help you upload that invaluable wisdom directly into your business. Just like downloading a new business podcast into your Spotify.

Now once you are able to download this wisdom into your business you’ll be able to time-collapse your success.

And just like Reuben, you’ll be able to double (if not more) your business and income.

Like Reuben you have a dream but it’s up to you to step up, execute, and make those dreams a reality.

Hope to see you at the mountaintop.

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. If you’re curious about how I can help you “Knowledge Hack” results and download them into your business I made this video for you.

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