How To Be a Real Man

A few weeks ago while speaking at an event I was asked: how can I be a real man?  by someone in the audience. 

So I started off by saying… 

To be a man, you can’t show any emotion or vulnerability. 

Make sure to avoid all deep and meaningful conversations. 

Stuff all of your feelings deep down inside, keep your head down and just grind through life.

Walk on eggshells around everyone and avoid all confrontations. 

Be passive aggressive until you get so pissed off that you blow up at your wife.

Don’t ask for help… that’s weakness. 

Never do the deep work to heal…

…instead avoid, ignore and distract yourself so that you never have to work on the negative belief systems that haunt you. 

Never address your vices or addictions. EVER!

Always pretend that everything is okay and just continue to suffer in silence and quieting die inside. 


Yet this is how the majority of men live their lives. 

Reminds me of David Thoreau’s quote: The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

This was me for nearly 20 years. And it almost cost me everything. 

I don’t know what your inner-demons are. 

– Physical abuse you got from your dad.

– Insecurities your mom pushed onto you.

– Depression or crippling anxiety.

– Sexual abuse.

You might think that burying these demons deep inside of you is the best way to go about it. 

Or maybe if you just don’t think about them that they’ll go away. 

I’m here to tell you from first hand personal experience that they’ll show up in other areas of your life and haunt you until you address them and heal from them. 

They’ll show up in your marriage, your health, your friendships and in your business in ways that cause you to sabotage your health, success and happiness.


I got help.

I did the work. 

I healed.

Look, the last thing we men want to do is to bring up old shit and talk to a therapist about it. 

I was THAT guy. 

But I committed to doing the work and worked with a really great therapist for over a year to work through my s#!t and heal so that I could find peace of mind, fulfillment and happiness. 

Asking for help was the best thing I could have done because it helped me come face-to-face with my inner-demons, exorcise them, and then put them to rest.

Dude, listen to me, if you want to live a fulfilled life then you’ve got to get rid of the head trash that’s thwarting your growth, success, happiness and peace of mind. 

The alternative is to continue to suffer in silence. 

To continue to self-sabotage. 

To continue to chase the dragon and then feel like shit after. 

I want you to find peace, happiness and fulfilment…

…but it’s only going to happen if you’re ready to do the self-work.

This is why I created The Modern Day Knight Project.

It’s to help men stop suffering in silence and to finally start winning in life, business and in your happiness.

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Looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming MDK Project class,