How to Become a Better Man

Could you imagine how weird it would be if we were all born as our highest self?

Like if you were born self actualized and knew the meaning of life?

How freaking sad would that be?

The rest of life would be boring!

Thank GOD we’re all born average and we experience life’s ups and downs so that we can problem solve through these experiences and figure out who we really are, how we tick and what our purpose and calling in life is.

You see, the purpose of life is to figure out YOUR purpose in life…

…its for this reason that we are all born average and are given life’s challenges so that we have the opportunity to become our higher selves through the process of problem solving.

The higher self is the version of you who has emotional resilience, compassion, kindness, self control, discipline and self awareness.

The higher self is the version of you who is both a savage and a servant.

The higher self is the version of you who is enlightened and purpose driven rather than a pleasure seeker.

The higher self is the version of you who does not seek the approval or validation of others… rather he’s confident in who he is mentally, emotionally and physically.

The higher self is the average man who transcends into an extraordinary man.

But here’s the sad reality of MOST men: Most men stay average and never evolve into their higher self.

The average man inspires no one.

And this is why most men suffer in silence, feel lost and without purpose, succumb to vices, have poor relationships and are always fat, tired and anxious.

Brother, the average man inspires no one.

Take no joy in mediocrity or being average – fight to elevate to your highest self!

This is why we created a Modern Day Knight Project, a brotherhood of like minded men who are driven to dominate life!

We’re now taking applications for the next MDK Project class – Apply Here. 

Talk soon,