How To Become Successful

I’m driven by curiosity so I’m always asking a lot of questions.

I’m convinced that my curiosity is one reason I’m able to “see around corners” like my coaching clients say.

How about you? Are you curious or do you just accept what people say as how things are?

For example, I’m curious what makes people successful…

…is it money – lots of it?

If so then I know a lot of successful and depressed people.

It can’t just be money.

How are you successful if you’re rich, but you’re overweight, lonely and always anxious?

Is success all about being rich in fitness and friends?

If so then I know a lot of fit people who have close relationships, but they’re always stressing and fighting over money.

So a couple weeks ago I posed this question to the audience at the High Performance Summit and here’s what we figured out…

Success is having money.

But not just enough money to pay your bills, but enough of it so that you can contribute to your church or favorite charity.

When we contribute we have a greater sense of significance and that’s important to us humans.

But Success is also having time freedom. What’s the point of money if you’re handcuffed to making it and don’t have time freedom to enjoy it?

Success is also being fit… not just physically lean and healthy, but also being mentally and emotionally fit.

What’s the point of being rich and fit but always dealing with anxiety and overwhelm?


In other words SUCCESSFUL people make really good money and serve with it. They’ve also figured out how to buy back their time to have time freedom so they use some of that time to focus on their physical, mental and emotional health – and this creates personal growth within them.

That’s REAL SUCCESS and that’s what a high performing human is.

It’s funny because in my 20’s and 30’s I defined success as having lots of money and things…

…and then when I amassed money and things I was stressed, overwhelmed and found myself out of shape and always tired – that’s when I had my massive anxiety attack which served as a wake up call for me.

Today at 47 I’m in the best shape of my life and have zero stress and anxiety… and the crazy thing is that I have more money, more investments and more time freedom which allows me to coach and mentor others.

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Talk soon,

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