How To Build Relationships With Kick-@ss People

Over the weekend, on a Saturday night, I had a housewarming party at my place.


My wife, Diana, and I renovated our home, and we wanted to bring some of our closest friends together to celebrate.


We had people like Ed Mylett, a best-selling author, Jason Redman, a former Navy SEAL, Randall Pich, the CEO of Live Fit Apparel, and many more in attendance.


The relationships I have with these people are priceless.


No iced-out watch, beachfront property, or sleek sports car could ever replace these people. Or bring me the amount of joy and happiness these people give me.


It goes without saying.


The party was a blast.


We ate amazing food, shared some laughs, and ate ice cream together.


Opening up my home to these amazing people is something I can never put a price tag on.


I’ve known some of these guys for years.


I tell you this because strong relationships are the real key to long-term success and happiness as an entrepreneur.


If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to get to the next level faster than the average Joe, focus on building lasting relationships.


To help you do this, use one of my oldest tricks in the books for building relationships with kick-@ss people.


Do this: Give, give, give, then give some more, and then ask. 


Whenever I meet someone new, I ask myself, “How can I be of service to them?”


Doing this right out of the gate sets up your relationship on a strong foundation. Because if you can help them reach an objective, make a connection, or overcome an obstacle, you’re showing through your actions that you’re willing to invest in them first.


Having a “giving hand” sets you, leagues apart, from the other guys who establish the relationship on taking. Asking for something right away shows that you see them as a stepping stone and not a person. 


This has been my go-to trick for building life-long relationships with great people. 


If you use this trick, who knows, they might be at your house on a Saturday night eating ice cream with you.


To your success,




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