How To Fix The “Trifecta” Of Misery

15-years ago, I was overweight, in crippling debt, and unhappy.

The cause of this “trifecta” of misery was linked to one thing.

My inner demons.

Inner demons are thoughts that make us question our self-worth.

We all got them, and if anyone tells you they don’t, they’re lying to your face.

Now here’s the thing about inner demons. You can only ignore and avoid them for so long before they manifest and come up in other areas of your life.

For me, these manifested as anxiety attacks, addictions, vices, and outbursts of rage. And for most people, inner demons control their thoughts, feelings, and lives.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be like that. I say this from personal experience.

To help me come to terms with my inner demons, which then led to me no longer being in control of them, I turned to my therapist for help.

He helped me come face-to-face with the things I kept running away from my entire life.

Which then helped me overcome and conquer the inner demons that were controlling me, AND to be totally honest with you, caused me to sabotage my success on more than one occasion. 

I’m sure these demons have caused you to sabotage your success as well on more than one occasion.

Like I said a moment ago, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can easily deal with them, and open yourself up to achieving higher levels of success by asking for help.

I used to think asking for help was weak, but after suffering in silence for decades, I realized doing it on my own was weak.

It’s a sign of strength and maturity. If you don’t want to be weighed down by your past, ask for help, so you can conquer your inner demons.


Talk soon,



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