How to Fix Your Broke Money Mindset

I think the biggest reason why people stay broke and in debt their whole lives is because of the poverty mindset they inherited.

And even when they come across a lot of money, poverty minded people end up losing it at some point…

…where as abundant minded people know how to multiply their money.

Yesterday I posted a picture of a check from a restaurant I visited and took a small group of people to.

The restaurant is very upscale and the check was just over $6,000.

I go there often, they’re always good to me and the people I take there so I decided to leave them a really big tip this time.

So I left them a $7,000 tip on top of the $6,000 check.

The next day I posted the picture of the check and wrote this caption: “Make a lot of money and be generous with it.”

Most people got the message and were inspired to do the same.

Some people left the most hateful comments for me lol.

Now, personally, I don’t give a f#@k what people think of me and my actions.

But I can’t help but notice that when people leave negative comments about someone doing good things and trying to inspire others to do good things… it’s usually a projection of their own poverty state of mind and insecure feelings toward money.


That’s the big message I want to share with you here…


It’s okay to talk about money.

It’s okay to want to make a lot of money.

It’s okay to actually make a lot of money.

It’s okay to educate yourself and your kids about money.

Money can’t buy happiness but it sure can solve a lot of problems.

Money can get you out of debt, give you peace of mind, help you pay your bills, help you donate to the causes and charities you believe in and give you more time, freedom and experiences with the people that you love.

Money is a tool and nothing more.

It’s a tool that comes in handy often so you might as well know how to use it well.

I want to help you build your brand, scale your business and make more money.

Talk soon,

Bedros Keuilian