How to Fix Your Relationship With Money

When my family first escaped from the Soviet Union and came to the United States, we could only afford to live in section 8 housing.

(Section 8 housing is government-assisted living for broke people.)

And because my family was new to the country, didn’t speak a word of English, and didn’t understand the culture, we were broke. And so was everyone else in our neighborhood.

I would always hear my parents talk about our lack of money… I guess they didn’t know that I was secretly listening to them.

I’d hear my dad tell my mom how “we run out of money before the end of the month.”

After hearing this and being surrounded by everyone else who was broke, you begin to believe the same thing.

I believed money was bad. That it’s hard to come by. That it wasn’t for me. And that it’s meant for other people.

What do you think would start to happen when I got into my 20’s and even early 30’s and started making some money? 

I’d find a way to get rid of it and go broke. I’d find ways to put my back against the wall.

And I kept this cycle up for years.

Until, my first mentor, Jim Franco, reshaped my belief patterns around money.

He instilled in me that…

– Money is a vehicle to freedom.

– Money is a vehicle to impact. 

– And money does not discriminate. 

With Jim’s belief patterns upgrading my old beliefs around money, I created companies that donate millions to charities I support like Shriners Children’s Hospitals, Compassion International and Toys For Tots. 

I share this with you because if you want to stack the millies, have a meaningful impact in your community and on the world and be of significance, you must fix your relationship with money and then go out and make a LOT of it. 

Money is a tool to be used for good. It’s for you and your family to have freedom and security… and… you deserve it.

Talk soon, 



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