How to Get Punched In The Face and Still Keep Going

Have you ever been punched in the face by a professional MMA fighter?

I have. And it sucks.

I don’t want you to fall to the ground as I did after getting punched by a Professional MMA Fighter.

It’s embarrassing to tell you this, but I didn’t get punched that hard… and I fell to the ground.

In fact, the guy who punched me was pulling his punches, which means he was barely trying.

See, I had hired a professional MMA fighter to put me through a six-week challenge to learn MMA fighting. This guy was a pro.

And when he punched me during our first sparring match I fell to the ground.

The reason I fell to the ground is that I wasn’t used to getting punched in the face.

In fact, my MMA coach told me these words that stuck with me forever: Just because you get punched in the face doesn’t mean you have to fall down. 

And when you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll get punched in the face a lot. More than you can count.

This happens to new entrepreneurs often…

The punch can come by way of an economic crisis, or increased competition, or a virus… but when it comes they’ll fall right to the ground.

After 20+ years in the game, and building seven companies I’ve learned how to bounce back after getting punched. Yet this only happens when you expand your comfort zone.

In other words when you get comfortable being uncomfortable.

You see, when you condition yourself to be comfortable being uncomfortable, the next time that you get punched in the face, you won’t fall to the ground.

That’s the secret to growth in any area of life.

It doesn’t matter if it’s business, fitness or your relationships. The more you step out of your comfort zone the better the experience will be.

The more you’ll win.

And I want to see you win more in 2021.

Talk soon,


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