How to Get Unstuck In Business and In Life

Truth is, most people are stuck.


They feel stuck in life, money, meaning, health and in their relationships.


For many, life is like jail but without the bars.


Sad reality.


While everyone says they want to get un-stuck, most people keep doing the things that keep them stuck in life and business.


This reminds me of a story that a friend of mine told me once…


…he was an Air Force rescue swimmer. His job was to save pilots and crew who crashed into enemy waters.


If they were STUCK in enemy waters, his job was to rescue them.


In his training they taught him to swim to the downed pilot and to identify himself as a fellow American who’s here to save him.


Then to give the downed pilot instructions like: Calm down or grab onto this, etc.


If the pilots were panicking, freaking out and climbing all over the rescue swimmer then they are taught to give the downed pilot a firm shake and tell him again: I’m an American and I’m here to help you.


And if the downed pilot keeps freaking out, climbing all over the rescue swimmer and putting both of their lives at risk then they are taught to punch the downed pilot in the face (to get him off their back) and to swim away to safety because they will not have two Americans die that day.


The lesson is this…


When you’re stuck in life and someone wants to help you, let them help you.


If you keep freaking out, stressing out but don’t accept their help then they are going to swim away from you and let you drown.




If you’re feeling stuck in your business, in your life or in your life’s purpose then let me help you make more money, have more meaning and create more freedom for you so that you have a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness.


I want to help you get un-stuck… but YOU have to want to accept my help.


That’s why I created this 90-Day Ignition Coaching program to help you ignite your business, passion and purpose and get un-stuck.



Talk soon,


Bedros Keuilian