How to give your business a 30% pay raise

Lots to catch you up on…

…and then a great strategy down below to give your business a 30% increase in revenue!

First off, class 009 of the Modern Day Knight Project kicks off today. 17 men from all over the country have come down to Chino Hills to experience the ultimate self development program to help them crush it in business and in life.

The MDK Project is 75 hours long (straight) and we’re not going to be getting much sleep during these 3.5 days.

On June 18-20th Dan Fleyshman and I are hosting Operation Blacksite – a 3 day tactical retreat for business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to gain Jason Bourne like skills. Imagine learning how to shoot, clear rooms, fight, negotiate and interrogate like a spy. Then network with like minded entrepreneurs in the evenings at dinner.

You’ll be leaning from Navy SEALs, Green Berets, SWAT operators, UFC fighters and FBI agents. It’s almost sold out, but if you want to come, click the link above.

Finally, on June 25-26th we’re hosting the Fit Body Boot Camp World Conference in Scottsdale Arizona. This is a HUGE gathering for FBBC owners, operators and coaches to get together to learn, network and grow!

Lots going on this month for me. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Adding a 30% increase in business is hard, right? Wrong.

If you take the right approach, you’ll easily increase your take-home profits without pulling out your hair or getting stressed out.

Let me break this down for you.

There are 3 main levers you can pull inside your business to maximize profits. Those are:

1. Marketing and lead generation

2. Close rate 

3. Price

So with this in mind, all you need to do is get 10% better in these 3 areas to add 30% more profits to your business.

To do this, get 10% more leads with the same marketing dollars spent. That means, find a better picture for your ads and a little bit better copy and offer to boost your marketing efforts by 10%.

The same thing applies to your closing rate. Let’s say you’re at a 70% closing rate. What if you increased that by 10%? You’d be closing at 80%!

Learn to deliver a better pitch and get better at overcoming objections.

And last but not least, what if you charged just 10% more? Let’s say you charge $100. An extra $10 is very much justifiable. Don’t you agree?

So if you get 10% more out of your marketing, 10% better in your closing rate, and charge 10% more…


You got yourself a 30% increase! In profits, NOT just revenue. 

It’s simple to do this if you know which levers inside your business to focus on. The problem I see that entrepreneurs make is that they ONLY focus on one area, and that’s usually marketing.

Look, it’s nearly impossible to get a 30% bump in marketing. But you can get a 10% bump in marketing, sales conversion and price point.

Here’s what to do next…

Pick one of the 3 areas and attack it until you get your 10% increase. And then do the same for the other two areas until you hit the 30% increase.

Talk soon, 


PS. There are still a few spots left for Operation Blacksite. Would love to see you there so I can help you scale your business even bigger as you gain some really cool skills and tactics so that you can become Jason Bourne like.