How to Give Yourself a Mindset of Abundance

You might not think you were meant for money.

That’s because the media and the people conditioned you to believe that money was only for the white collar worker—the engineer, the architect, the college grad.

But when your mindset flips to one of abundance, you started to see bigger and better things for yourself. Today I’m going to show you how you can do that.

Don’t Be Afraid to Spend

Back when I was a personal trainer, I trained some pretty affluent people. One of those people was a guy named Jim Franco, who would become a business partner of mine.

One night, Jim took me out to dinner at this really nice restaurant. I practically had a heart attack when I saw the crazy prices on the menu…

The lesson? I had a “millionaire experience”, even though I was nowhere near rich at the time. But that one meal made me want more, so I worked even harder and smarter than I would have otherwise.

When you have those “millionaire experiences”, this psychological switch flips inside your head and you realize exactly how high you should set your goals.

Money = Freedom and Lifestyle

Money doesn’t care if you grew up poor, if you’re black or white, or if you’re a hundred years old.

When you solve people’s problems for them, they pay you.

Now you might think, “Well, sounds great, but why would I need all that money anyway?”

Because money is your vehicle to freedom and lifestyle. When you have it, you can serve more people and live a more comfortable life.

Don’t Let Others Weigh You Down

You’ve probably already heard it before, but you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. But what if those five people all hold you back?

Maybe you tell them you want to make seven figures but they think that’s unrealistic. Maybe you tell them you want to be the CEO of multiple businesses but they think it’s unfeasible.

These people usually mean well, but their insecurity is what leads them to drag others down. They want you to be good, but not too good.

So how do you handle the pessimists—the people I call “crabs”? You edit your relationships with them. Never get into deep talks with them. Protect your dreams from them. If it gets bad enough, you can cut them from your life.

Surround yourself with positive people who will support your biggest pursuits. If you want to make money, read books written by the people who’ done it, or even get coaching from them.

The Gratitude Attitude

You don’t want any crabs in your life. Worse, you DEFINITELY don’t want to become a crab yourself.

So instead of wondering why “so-and-so has to be that ambitious”, be grateful for everything you already have. Gratitude safeguards you from jealousy and mediocrity.

When you show gratitude, chemical changes take place in your head that help you think bigger and more clearly. As an entrepreneur, that’s the kind of mindset you need to grow your income, because it enables you to focus on the stuff that moves the needle for your business.

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