How to Grow Your Business Faster In 2021

There’s a wrong assumption about leadership going around today.

People think leaders can find the answers to any problem by digging through the weeds themselves.

And those who think that are dead wrong.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s take a page out of history.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, do you think President John F. Kennedy was on a ship outside the Cuban border? No.

Why would the decision-maker of the FREE WORLD be on a damn battleship?

He would be too close to the action, which would lead to a disaster.

Not because he could get killed, but because he wouldn’t have the mental space to make a rational decision.

So instead of being on a battleship, he took time in the White House garden to find moments of silence.

In these moments of silence, he was able to figure out how to avoid World War 3 or the end of the world.

I share this with you because the same thing applies to business.

It’s why I tell all my entrepreneur coaching clients to stop answering customer support tickets or doing work that they can pay someone $20 an hour to do.

Let someone else do that, so you can get moments of silence to find ways to grow and scale your empire even bigger.

A great leader does a lot of thinking and delegation.

Here’s one of the best tools you can use to find your answers in silence.

It’s a tool that’s survived the test of time.

In fact, emperors, scientific geniuses, and billionaires use it.

It’s called journaling.

Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor, journaled.

Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist, journaled.

And so does Richard Branson, the multi-billionaire.

Journaling gives those moments of clarity that help you see the answer you’re looking for.

We use this in The Project.

We have each person write down what’s happening…

What they’re going through…

What breakthroughs they’re experiencing.

With them journaling, they’re able to find moments of silence and make life-changing breakthroughs.

If you’d like to find the answers to your problems, be silent.

Journal and do some deep thinking.

It will help you keep your sanity, make rational decisions, and be a better leader.

Talk soon,


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