How To Hire Great Employees

I was guilty of this and it was ruining my business and it’s probably doing the same for yours, too.

The stupidest thing we can do as entrepreneurs is to hire employees based on their skills and resume.


It was only a decade after going into business that I learned the secret to hiring employees.

Check to see if they have light behind their eyes.

I’ll explain what I mean in a second because this will help make your impact and bank account bigger. A LOT BIGGER.

I often get asked this question: What’s the quickest way to replace the cropdusters employees I have with fighter jets quality team members?

This is a great question, and it took me nearly a decade to figure out the Fighter Jet Team Building Formula.

This formula is very simple in actuality.

Because of this formula, I’m able to run 7 businesses, keep my sanity, fitness, and time freedom all in order.

Here it is:

Find people who have light behind their eyes, develop them, and keep investing in their personal and professional growth.

You can’t teach someone to have the light behind their eyes.


A person with confidence.

A person with urgency.

A person who can make and keep eye contact.

A person with enthusiasm.

A person who can hold a comfortable conversation.

A person with agency.

Look, a resume is going to tell you about their education and work history. It’s even going to tell you about their skill sets.

What a resume is NOT going to tell you is if this person can problem-solve through a difficult challenge.

Or if they have attention to detail.

Or if they are strong communicators.

Or if they have emotional resilience and mental toughness.

Or if they’re willing to learn new things and adjust to change.

All these things are far more valuable to a growing organization than their education, work history, and skillsets.

You give me someone with light behind their eyes and I’ll teach them the skills and abilities to get the job done and get it done right.

And this light can be for accounting, sales, copywriting, human resources, videography, web development, marketing, and even leadership positions.

It doesn’t matter what it is, but if you can find someone who has the light behind their eyes, hire them, and develop them.

You can’t develop the light, but if they have the light you can develop their skills and mindset.

With your team being full of fighter jets, you can make more money while working less and while making a bigger impact on the world.

Use the Fighter Jet Team Building Formula and let me know how it transforms your life and business.

Talk soon,


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