How To Kill Your Inner Bitch

Every man has a little b!tch within. 

That little b!tch is the inner voice that tells you to take the easy path, and to hit the snooze button, and to procrastinate on everything. 

It’s that little voice that you negotiate with and give into. 

That little b!tch within is why most men suffer in silence and struggle in their health, fitness, mindset, relationships and in business. 

So how do you kill your inner b!tch? 

By becoming a Servant Leader.

By developing discipline. 

By establishing core values and sticking to them. 

By choosing purpose over pleasure. 

Or you can keep letting that little b!tch within take control of your life… 

– Living in fear with a scarcity mindset.

– Procrastinating on your goals.

– Self-sabotaging your success.

– Never taking ownership of your mistakes.

– Being in a constant negative and toxic state of mind.

Having the “service mindset” transforms scarcity into abundance.


You go from being selfish to selfless.

You see, the root of “little b!tch” behavior is selfishness—nothing else.

This is why finger-pointers, procrastinators, and self-sabotagers are always miserable. They only think about themselves instead of others.

By being a  Disciplined Servant Leader you’re no longer focused on yourself. You’re focused on being of service to others.

This simple shift acted as a nuclear bomb to your “little b!tch” behavior.

Here’s an example.

Nearly a decade ago, when I was on the verge of filing bankruptcy with Fit Body Boot Camp, I had a mass exodus of team members.

They had finally had enough of my “little b!tch” behavior.

If anything went wrong, I would blame them for everything and anything. It didn’t matter what it was as long as the finger of blame got pointed at someone else besides me.

This mass exodus was a huge wake-up call.

Because I was so scared to lose more team members, I started asking myself, “ ‘What can I do for them?” instead of “What can they do for me?”

By asking myself this breakthrough question, I saw that I needed to communicate better, spend more time working on their skills, and leading by example.

This acted like a nuclear bomb to my “little b!tch” behavior… and… it helped me become a selfless leader.

Because of this nuclear bomb, my team members saw that I truly cared about them.

This then caused them to show up earlier, work harder, and feel more fulfilled at work.

IMPORTANT: Servant leadership is a daily practice that requires you to show up every day in the most disciplined way. 

When you become a Servant Leader, you stop living in fear with a scarcity mindset and procrastinating on your goals. Instead, you take ownership of your mistakes and always strive for success… even when it means going against what others want or expect from you. 

You go from being selfish to selfless because servant leaders are driven by serving others’ needs before their own stupid and selfish desires. 

This will give you an abundance mindset that leads to happiness while those who live in fear have only misery as their reward.

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