How to Lead Others To Success

Marcus Aurelius was one of the last Emperors of the Roman Empire before it fell to sh*t.

The dude was totally tuned in!

That’s probably why business exerts and thought leaders today still talk about him even though he’s been dead for centuries.

It’s because his ideas and philosophies have outlived him, and they will most likely outlive me, and even my great-grandkids.

Talk about leaving an impact!

Don’t you want that kind of impact? The kind of impact that shapes the leaders of today and the leaders of the future.

At the time, Marcus Aurelius was the most powerful man in the world. He could have easily let it all go to his head, but he didn’t let it happen.

He had bigger things to worry about, and it wasn’t the Vikings pillaging villages, disease, and other leaders. His biggest enemy was his mind.

HINT: Your mind is your biggest enemy, too.

Every day my dude Marcus would go to war with his mind.

He would constantly fight to be a virtuous man, not a powerful emperor.

Think about that.

Because this applies to the both of us more than you think.

Marcus Aurelius got it.

Before you can lead others, you must lead yourself.

And in order to do that, you must reflect on what you’re doing every day.

Reflect on your thoughts.
Reflect on your habits.
Reflect on your actions.

This is how Marcus fought off his negative thoughts. It was how he defeated his inner-demons.

And it’s how he became one of the greatest leaders in history.

He led himself FIRST, before he led his Empire.

Are you doing the same thing with your Empire?

Lead yourself before you try to lead others. Otherwise you’re leading by hypocrisy.


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