How to Make a Huge Profit from Live Events

Today, I’m going to tell you how you can build your empire faster and create deeper, meaningful connections with your ravings fans by doing live events.

Live events are a game changing opportunity in your business because they allow you to make a huge profit while delivering more value to your audience.

When I put on my first Fitness Business Summit, I only had about 100 people in a small conference room.

There was no stage, so the people in the back couldn’t even see me. Today, we have over 1,000 people fly out and we put on an entertaining, educational show.

If you’re willing to get off the internet and bring your audience to a live event, you’ll create a deeper and more meaningful connection with your clients and prospects.

Those prospects and clients quickly ascend the ladder of purchasing more at a higher price more frequently.

You get more money, and they get bigger, better outcomes in life.

Treat Your Event Like a Show

The best way to put on your event is to give great information that your audience can take action on and make more money while providing entertained.

One year we had Polynesian fire dancers on stage, another year we had a money tank where people would try to catch as many $100 bills as they could.

Those are the things that make a seminar more tolerable. You’re essentially holding these people hostage for two or three days, you may as well make it fun.

How to Get Your Seminar Off the Ground

People ask me, “If I’m doing a seminar, what should I expect to make financially?”

Odds are, the cost of tickets and sponsors will allow you to break even.

But you have to have something you can sell form the stage that will make you more money then and in the long run.

You have to have sponsors who will help offset the cost of the event. And when you’re selling tickets, don’t overlook upsells.

So many of us have information products that have upsell funnel in place, but no one has different tiers of offers for an event.

For example, this is how we upsell tickets for FBS. First we sell the ticket, then the second upsell is to come to a meet and greet with myself and the presenters the day before. The third upsell is a bonus day for private coaching in a group environment.

If they don’t want the upsells, that’s fine. They’ll just click “no” and buy their ticket.

But at least give your audience the opportunity to give you more money in exchange for more opportunity.

How to Use Sponsors to Cover Costs While Adding Value to Their Businesses

Sponsors allow you to add all the bells and whistles to your event and more.

At FBS, we have Platinum Sponsors, Gold Sponsors, and Silver Sponsors. And each tier has its own benefits.

Platinum sponsors pay $30,000 and set up their booth in the ballroom and expo hall. Gold sponsors get preferred vending areas in our sponsor hall. Silver sponsors are a little more on the outskirts.

We’ve even created little passports that our audience uses to collect stamps from each sponsor’s booth. At the end of the event, our guests can turn them in for the chance to win a Macbook Air.

This ensures that our sponsors will be exposed to our guests, and gain some potential customers.

Once you’ve sold your sponsors, you want to keep them coming back every year so that you don’t have to keep finding new ones.

Start thinking “I sold my sponsors, so how do I get them back next year and add more value to their lives this year?”

There’s so many ways you can get creative and help sponsors out, therefore having them pay your more.

How to Work Up to Your Big Pitch Without Losing Your Audience

First things first, never pitch on day one.

It’s all about you and your speakers, coming with a giving hand and delivering value to your audience.

Right before lunch on day two is when you’re gonna make your offer for your big pitch.

You’re usually gonna have two pitches – one for your high end coaching program, and the other is a down sell like a half day coaching.

When You Should Start Selling Your Event

You want to start planning at least 7 months in advance, and start selling tickets 5 months before your event.

Use this time to build triggers within the selling process. For example, you can say “When you buy your tickets by X date, you get 50% off plus VIP upgrade.”

And when that date passes, you can say “Buy your ticket by X date and you’ll get 30% off and last year’s video footage for free.”

That way, you’re setting up milestones and creating buying frenzies. They’ll buy incrementally, and your seats will fill up well before the launch.

If you’re ready to take your fitness business to the next level, maximize your profit, make a bigger impact, and dominate the fitness industry, come to FBS March 16-18.

You’ll hear from the top pros in the industry, including Randall Pich, Lori Harder, Lewis Howes, Andy Frisella, and more.

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