How to Make More Money in 2021

Money can’t buy happiness…

…but it sure can solve the problem of not having enough money.

And that’s a really good problem to solve.

Here are 5 ways you can make more in 2021.

First off, understand that your success will never exceed your level of leadership.

So let’s start there…

  1. Ask “What can I learn from this?”

This is the most important question you can ask yourself when sh*t hits the fan.

Don’t make the same mistake many entrepreneurs make of playing the victim. That won’t get you any closer to finding the solution to your problems.

Things happen to us for a reason, and it’s a leader’s duty to figure out what you can learn from it. This is why you must ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?”

And if what you learn is that you must become a better leader… so be it. Own it and level up.

  1. Tolerate Imperfection 

The only way you can grow your business is to take imperfect action. And the only way you can do that is with speed.

Success loves speed.

Money loves speed.

Success doesn’t wait around for the perfect plan or for things to be “just right”.

Opportunities don’t wait. You have to capitalize on them before someone else does. So you must execute imperfect plans with imperfect actions quickly and then course-correct as you go.

  1. Create more than you consume

I’ve noticed a pattern in success. The most successful people I know are the creators of content.

On the other hand, those who left money on the table did a lot more consuming of content.

Here are the facts. Creators will always earn more than consumers.

If you want to maximize your success and money-making potential then create more content and get your product or service in front of your future customers.

  1. Differentiate and Stand Out

If you’re competing with others in your industry then you have to change what they charge just to stay competitive.

How will you stand out if you’re just like the rest of them?

How can you charge more if they think you’re the same as all the rest?

If you want to create a “category of one” for yourself then you best start differentiating.

What makes your product different?

How does it deliver better or faster results?

Is it easier to use?

Then you better prove it and be all about it. It’s the only way you’re going to differentiate and stand out.

  1. Get Feedback 

Feedback tells us how you’re doing, and what to do to course correct.

The best way to get feedback is with a mentor. They’ll show you the path, point out your weak points, and help you create an action plan to adjust and succeed.

It’s called “outside eyes”.

You need a set of outside eyes on your business so that you can see around corners and scale your business faster.

I grew Fit Body Boot Camp into an international franchise by asking for feedback from mentors who I trust.

I want to help you scale to 7 figures.

If your business is generated 6 figures in 2020 and if you’re ready to think bigger and make bold moves in 2021 then you might be a good fit for my 12 Month Domination Mentorship Program.

Talk soon,