How to Negotiate In Business And Win

If there was just ONE skill that I’d want my kids to master in life it would be how to negotiate and win.

I’ve literally gained tens of millions of dollars in business deals, equity, real estate and profit share by negotiating big deals and making it easy for the “other side” to give me what I want by doing these three things…

1) I make sure they LIKE and TRUST me.

2) I make sure to understand what a win looks like for them.

3) I work hard to give them what they want so I can get what I want in the deal.

That’s how you negotiate BIG deals and come out a winner every time.

Truth is, those big multimillion dollar deals come a few times per year for me so I get to work on my negotiating skills every couple of months.

Now, if you’re new to business then big negociatiation opportunities probably come about once a year or even less.

But what most people don’t realize is that in life we’re faced with at least a dozen negotiation opportunities EVERYDAY.

Here’s what I mean…

Your alarm went off this morning.

If you hit snooze and went back to sleep then there was a micro negotiation that took place in between the time the alarm went off and when you hit snooze and you lost that negotiation.

If you had the intention to make ten cold sales calls today and you only made eight sales calls then once again you lost a micro negotiation that took place.

If you planned on working out first thing in the morning but ended up not working out at all that day then again you lost another micro negotiation.

Now you might think that these are just tiny little things and they don’t matter on the macro scale of life…

…and this is where you’d be wrong.

These daily, seemingly trivial micro negotiations matter the most.

The reason they matter the most is because each time a micro negotiation takes place in your head you have the chance to win and therefore build more trust and credibility and confidence with yourself…

…or you can lose the negotiation with yourself by giving into the weakness of hitting snooze, skipping the gym, missing the sales call or what-have-you and therefore erode the credibility you have with yourself and your self-confidence.

Now think about this:

What makes you think that you’re going to win BIG negotiations in life and business if you lose the small daily negotiations presented to you several times each day?

This might sound a little cold hearted and callous but the TRUTH IS: That’s how winners and losers in life are created my friend.

The micro decisions and the micro negotiations in life matter the most!

Reminds me of one of my favorite mantras in life: Everybody wants to eat. But few will hunt.

Anyhow bro, woke up this morning, had that on my heart to talk to you about so there you have it! 🙂

Have a killer week,

Bedros Keuilian

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